David Kimball, professor of political science at UMSL

(Photo by August Jennewein)

Two years ago, the Wisconsin Legislature made national news with the passing of a bill making photo identification a requirement for voters. That same bill also eliminated straight party-line voting in Wisconsin, which could have helped Republicans in the 2012 elections, according to Christian Schneider in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel opinion piece. 

In making his point, Schneider turned to an archived Journal Sentinel quote by David Kimball (pictured), professor of political science at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Kimball is the co-author of “Helping America Vote: The Limits of Election Reform” and an expert on voting procedures.

“Historically, it has been the majority party that wants to keep (straight-ticket voting) and the minority party that wants to get rid of it,” Kimball told the Journal Sentinel.

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Ryan Heinz

Ryan Heinz