10,000+ Facebook likes on UMSL

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

In just three years, the University of Missouri–St. Louis Facebook page went from only 46 fans to push past a staggering 10,000-fan mark on Nov. 6.

Collectively, you like us. You really like us! And you keep liking us.

The UMSL Facebook page has already been liked 41 more times since our 10,000th fan visited it, clicked that iconic thumbs-up symbol and became part of a vibrant online UMSL community.

“We hope to reach 20,000 fans twice as quick,” said Jon Hinderliter, assistant director of University Marketing and Communications and manager of web and digital marketing at UMSL. “If you want to be a part of the UMSL Facebook community, but you’re not one of our 10,041 fans – and counting – just visit facebook.com/UMSL.edu. We think you’ll like it.”

Ryan Heinz

Ryan Heinz