Eye on UMSL: Feet in pond

by | May 25, 2015

Amanda Davis and Shane Bower's friendly competition of rock-paper-scissors ended with their feet in the pond.

rock_paper_scissors_818Two University of Missouri–St. Louis students, Amanda Davis and Shane Bower, were caught by our campus photographer in a friendly competition of rock-paper-scissors at the Poetry of the Wild box/bench near the ponds on North Campus.

anticipating_the_push_818Under a watchful eye and camera lens, Davis anticipates getting dunked by the rock-paper-scissors champion Bower.

falling_818She can’t stop that fall.

laughing_818It’s all fun and games.

both_in_pondDavis gets her payback.

spalshBower can’t escape her splash.

feet_in_pond_818The supervised play ends with feet in the pond.

The photographs were taken by UMSL photographer August Jennewein and are the latest to be featured in Eye on UMSL.
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