UMSL Experts Guide

UMSL Experts Guide

This is an alphabetical list, updated annually, of disciplines, names, contact information and research areas for expert sources at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. University Marketing and Communications at UMSL makes these sources available to members of the news media who seek expertise for news reporting. This tool is soon to migrate to the UMSL Media Portal. If you’re unable to reach an expert or need more help, contact Steve Walentik at 314-516-6690 or


CONTENTS: anthropology, art and art history, astronomy, biochemistry, biology, business, chemistry, communications, computer science, criminology and criminal justice, cyber security, economics, education, English, gender studies, health, history, math, media studies, military studies, modern languages, music, nursing, optometry, philosophy, physics, psychological sciences, political science, public policy research, social work, women in public life, theatre and dance, student services, veterans

If you do not see a subject included in the above listing, we suggest doing a search.



Anne Austin, 314-516-6021, Egyptology, bioarchaeology, ancient medicine, archaeology, skeletons, mummies, ancient health
Susan Brownell
, 314-516-6451, China (gender, nationalism, concepts of health, beauty, and fitness), Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair and Olympic Games, women’s sports, Olympic Games, sports diplomacy, beauty, gender, figure skating
Sheilah Clarke-Ekong, 314-516-6242, change and continuity in contemporary West African cultures, African organizational structures, African geography and cultural education
Michael Cosmopoulos, 314- 516-6241, archaeology, social, political and cultural history of ancient Greece
Margo-Lea Hurwicz, 314-516-6025, cultural aspects of aging, aging and health, medical anthropology
Laura Miller, 314-516-7246, Japanese culture and language, English loanwords in Japanese, the wizard boom, girls’ slang, print club photos
Jennifer J. Nolan, 314-516-6380, zombies, haunted places, antiques and art collecting, historic house restoration, building strong communities, museums
Keiko Ueda, 314-516-6860, Japanese language and culture, extensive reading (tadoku)
Patti Wright, 314-516-6648, paleoethnobotany, development of agriculture in the Midwest, origins of food production



Ruth Bohan, 314-516-5998, American art and architecture
Yael Even, 314-516-5975, baroque, Florentine, Renaissance art
Scott Gericke, 314-516-6610, graphic design, brand and communications strategy, identity development, publication design, branded environments, signage, exhibition design, information and systems design, data visualization
Jennifer McKnight, 314-516-6965, graphic design
Maggie Peeno, 314-516-6792, 314-382-5367, collective, actionable response to needs of others on campus and in our surrounding communities, social justice, human rights, visual communication, personal expression, value systems, character, technology
Maureen Quigley, 314-516-5670,, ancient art, medieval art
Jeffrey Sippel, 314-516-7291, printmaking, lithography
Dan Younger, 314-516-6967, digital photography, 3-D prints, illustration and comics
Jeanne Zarucchi, 314-516-6575, French art and architecture






Lon Chubiz, 314-516-6224, microbiology, bacterial pathogenesis, bacterial metabolism, genetic engineering, microbial biotechnology, industrial fermentation, biochemistry, synthetic biology, microbial evolution, microbial ecology
Aimee Dunlap
, 314-516-6578, animal behavior, evolution of animal cognition, bees
Charles Granger, 314-516-6220, science education, K-12 student achievement and lack of achievement, curricula and standardized testing, teacher preparation and evaluation, educator professional development
Robert Marquis, 314-516-6213, evolutionary ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, tropical ecology, forest ecology, entomology
Patricia Parker, 314-516-7274, behavioral ecology, Galapagos Islands, disease ecology
Robert Ricklefs, 314-516-5101, evolutionary ecology, community ecology, biogeography, life history biology
Peter Stevens, 314-516-6215, plant phylogeny and biological nomenclature (groups, classifications)
Teresa Thiel, 314-516-5404, biofuels, nitrogen used for fertilizer production and Algae (cyanobacteria)
Xuemin (Sam) Wang, (314) 516-6219, plant science, specifically signal transduction in plant growth, development and stress responses; lipid-mediated signaling; functional genomics of phospholipases; metabolic profiling and lipidomics; metabolic engineering



James Breaugh, 314-516-6287, employee recruitment and selection, performance management, rewarding employees, designing jobs
James Campbell, 314-516-6125, supply chain management and logistics, drone delivery
Perry D. Drake
, 314-516-6490, digital and social media marketing
Thomas Eyssell, 314-516-6273, financial management, corporate finance and investments, financial policies
Hung-gay Fung, 314-516-6374, international finance, China’s economy and finances
Greg Geisler, 314-516-6122, individual income tax planning; taxes and investments; 401(k)s; Roth 401(k)s; IRAs; Roth IRAs; tax-efficient retirement withdrawals; 529 college savings accounts; social security benefits taxation; health savings accounts; tax-efficient rank ordering for investing and paying down debts
Min Ju, 314-516-4075, marketing strategy, inter-firm relationship, firm capability
Shaji Khan, 314-516-6279, cybersecurity, information security, programming/application development, data networking and security, management of information systems
Dan Lauer, 314-516-6294, entrepreneurship, startup businesses
Edward Lawrence, 314-516-6148, corporate finance, banking, real estate
Haim Mano, 314-516-6265, advertising research, marketing strategies, consumer behavior
Joseph Martinich, 314-516-6145, environmental aspects of business; economics of recycling and reuse, especially in St. Louis and Missouri; energy efficiency; economic development and business incentives, environmental sustainability, especially how organizations can reduce environmental impact while saving money
Mitch Millstein, 314-516-6267, ecommerce logistics, Amazon, healthcare supply chains
Steve Moehrle, 314-516-6142, accounting issues, sports business, accounting fraud
Ray Mundy, 314-516-7213, transportation issues
Janet Murray, 314-516-6537, global sourcing, international business, women in business
Brandon Ofem, 314-516-6146, entrepreneurship, interorganizational collaboration, social networks, local economic development, social networks, local economic development
John Palmer, 314-516-5720, entrepreneurship, small business management, business innovation
Joe Rottman, 314-516-6286, offshore IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, systems analysis and design
Vicki Sauter, 314-516-6281, computer history, computer and Internet issues and scams, women in computing, “big data” in managerial choice making, DSS, data warehousing and executive information systems, systems analysis and design
Pamela Stuerke, 314-516-6132, financial reporting, financial accounting
D’Anne Weise, 314-516-6149, investments, risk management, stock market
Keith Womer, 314-516-6119, production planning, statistics, prices, cost estimation and oil pricing



James Bashkin, 314-516-7352, antiviral agents, the design of antiviral and anticancer agents, organic process chemistry, nucleic acids, human papillomavirus (HPV), small DNA tumor viruses, smart materials, drug discovery, applied biochemistry, green chemistry, inorganic and organometallic chemistry
Eike Bauer, 314-516-5340, chemistry, green chemistry, catalysis
Benjamin Bythell, 314-516-5314, mass spectrometry, analytical chemistry, gas-phase ion chemistry
Alexei Demchenko, 314-516-7995, organic synthesis, carbohydrates, oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates, synthetic vaccines, glycosylation, automation
Cynthia M. Dupureur, 314-516-4392, DNA and metabolism
Tom George, 314-516-5252, nanoscience, including nanomedicine
George Gokel, 314-516-5321, general organic and bioorganic chemistry, litigation and trial experience
Bruce C. Hamper, 314-516-5311, organic chemistry, chiral compounds, chromatography and continuous flow chemistry
Steve Holmes, 314-516-4382, inorganic chemistry, magnetism, molecular structures
Michael Nichols, 314-516-7345, protein biophysics, Alzheimer’s disease
Nigam Rath, 314-516-5333, x-ray diffraction, single crystal structure determination, powder X-ray diffraction studies
Marc Spingola, 314-516-6749, genetics, molecular biology, viruses and vaccines, genetic engineering, some infectious diseases and immune responses



Jill Alexander, 314-516-5480, crisis communication, emergency preparedness, natural disaster response, media relations, internal communication, casino PR, community relations
Alice Hall, 314-516-6662, media effects, media multitasking, reality TV, audience interpretation of media, media fandom
Dennis Ganahl, 314-516-4853, advertising, brand identity, political advertising, marketing communications
Alan Heisel, 314-516-5308, communication apprehension, verbal aggression, gendered communication, interpersonal, organizational, nonverbal, persuasion/influence, political campaign communication, public relations, public speaking, science literacy, temperament/traits; institutional accreditation
Ryan Krull, 314-516-5513, journalism, narrative nonfiction, longform reporting
Mike Murray, 314-516-5496, history of mass media, mass media education, broadcast regulation
Amber Reinhart, 314-516-5489, health communication, organ and tissue donation, message design, interpersonal communication, family communication, and research methods
Stephanie Van Stee, 314-516-5234, health communication, health message design, health communication interventions/campaigns, health information seeking behavior, mobile health interventions/apps, meta-analysis (method), metaphor and persuasion
Lara Zwarun, (cell) 214-770-6747, (office) 314-516-6725, beer and alcohol advertising/marketing; risky and controversial media messages; advertising regulation, self-regulation and policy; media law; media literacy; tobacco marketing; persuasion and effectiveness of health campaigns and messages
Shelly Warner, 314-304-5370, public speaking, marketing, direct mail, non-profit, administration, advertising





Finn-Aage Esbensen, 314-516-4619, youth violence and gangs
Beth Huebner, 314-516-5043, prisoner re-entry, criminal justice decision-making, quantitative research methods, corrections, sentencing, courts, and public policy
David Klinger, 314-516-7012, police officer shootings, police department policy issues, tasers, terrorism
Janet Lauritsen, 314-516-5427, causes and consequences of victimization, gender crimes and socialization
Timothy Maher, 314-516-5026, policing (police policy, police deviance, police sexual misconduct)
Richard Rosenfeld, 314-516-6717, social sources of criminal violence, crime and the economy, crime statistics, crime control
Matt Vogel, 314-516-5042, juvenile delinquency, person-context research, mental health and offending





Michael Allison, 314-516-5306, econometric theory and business cycles
Max Gillman, 314-516-5861, macroeconomics, money economics, inflation, interest rate changes, Federal Reserve Bank, economy, stock markets, historical tax reform effects, trade with China, trade deficits, international central bank policy
Lea-Rachel Kosnik
, 314-516-5564, environmental economics, energy economics, public and regulatory economics, behavioral economics
David Rose, 314-516-4117, financial markets, macroeconomics, political economy, behavioral economics, institutional economics, cultural economics, business ethics
Anne Winkler, 314-516-5563, economics of gender and family; women, men and work; welfare and poverty, labor force participation, gender labor gap, balancing work and family



Michael W. Bahr, 314-516-4734, prevention science, school consultation, classroom intervention, cultural competence
Marvin Berkowitz, 314-516-7521, character education
Emily Brown, 314-516-5792, school counseling, children of incarcerated parents, counselor education
Amber Candela, 314-516-6095, mathematics education, mathematics, professional development, teacher education, elementary education, middle grades education
Theresa Coble
, 314-516-5951, experiential, outdoor and family education
Judith Cochran, 314-516-7302, tutorial education
Angela Coker, 314-516-6088, counselor education, African-American studies, women’s studies
Matthew D. Davis, 314-856-2145, history of school desegregation, urban education
Andresa De Souza, 314-615-5096, early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), problem behavior and toilet training for children with developmental delays
Mary Edwin, 314-516-6081, school counseling, K-12 career development, career counseling, counselor education
Donald Gouwens, 314-516-4773,; school mental health
Charles Granger, 314-516-6220, science education, K-12 student achievement and lack of achievement, curriculum development, standardized testing, teacher preparation and evaluation, educator professional development, STEM curriculum development, naturalistic education theory, effective teaching strategies
Thomas Hoerr, 314-922-4966, K-12 school administration and leadership, independent/private/charter schools, the Formative Five (preparation for success in life), multiple intelligences, grit, educational leadership
Shea N. Kerkhoff, 314-516-4804, global education, internationalizing education, adolescent literacy, inquiry-based learning
Patricia Kopetz, 314-516-4885, education for Children with Disabilities
William Kyle, 314-516-5375, science education including science and technology skills of youth and community members in high poverty communities in St. Louis and sub-Sahara Africa; curricular reform
Keith Miller, 314-516-5927, life-long learning in the sciences; computer ethics including professional codes of ethics, and the ethics of robots and other sophisticated machines; online education; and software testing
Jerome Morris, 314-516-5953 urban education, school and community linkage
Mark Pope, 314-516-7121, gay and lesbian issues, cultural diversity in the workplace, counseling and mental issues
April Regester, 314-516-5917, educator prep, inclusive education, transition, behavior support
Rebecca Rogers, 314-516-5797, literacy research, social justice education, discourse analysis, lifespan learning, community based learning, preparation of literacy teachers
Helene Sherman, 314-516-5796, instructional strategies, curricular innovations, mathematics and science education
James Shymansky, 314-516-5046, science education- elementary education and rural school districts
Nancy Singer, 314-516-5517, educator preparation and induction; teaching of writing; composition theory; writing assessment
Kim Song, 314-516-5924, teaching immigrant and refugee children, exploring the intersectionality of racism and linguicism
Cathy Vatterott
, 314-516-5863, K-12 homework, K-12 standards based grading, K-12 grading



Jeanne Allison, 314-516-5587, professional, technical and creative writing
María Balogh, 314-516-6440, Spanish language teaching, specifically literature of magical realism, linguistics, creative writing, poetry forums, readings and discussions
Joseph Carroll, 314-516-5543, evolution and culture, literary theory
John Dalton, 314-516-5619, novel, fiction and contemporary writing
Suellynn Duffey, 314-516-5586, composition, rhetoric, studies about place, teaching writing, expository writing, teaching writing, writing to learn, undergraduate and graduate writing, basic writing, the role of non-academic writing in learning to write, writing theory, writing program administration, reading and writing relationships, women and literacy, MA in English
Sally Barr Ebest
, 314-516-5544, Irish American women writers, Irish American women’s autobiographies, reading-writing connections, how to teach writing, TA training
Glenn Irwin, 314-516-5574, modern poetry and poetry writing
Matt Kimbrell, 314-516-5688, composition pedagogy, cultural studies, critical (literary) theory, humanities
William Klein, 314-516-5737, St. Louis blues music history, technical and science writing, Web-based writing, writing across the curriculum
Deborah Maltby, 314-516-5579, Thomas Hardy, rural England and literary tourism
Scott McKelvie, 314-516-5596, baseball literature
Lauren Obermark, 314-516-5591, rhetorical theory, disability studies, feminist rhetoric(s), composition theory and pedagogy
Scott D. Peterson, 314-516-5605, American literature, sport literature, sports journalism, sports history
Steven Schreiner, 314-516-5583, creative writing, modern and contemporary poetry
Kurt Schreyer, 314-516-5500, Shakespeare, early English drama, stagecraft, Renaissance
Shane Seely, 314-516-5856, contemporary poetry, 20th century poetry, creative nonfiction, formal poetry
Lynn Staley, 314-516-5601, writing in business settings, writing resumes, domestic violence issues
Benjamin Torbert, 314-516-6848, regional dialects; minority, gender and region in dialect
Mary Troy, 314-516-6845, contemporary literature; fiction writing (novels and short stories); literary journal editing; MFA programs, how and why they work; Writers in the Schools (WITS), grant writing; money for the arts; how to find a publisher/creative and fiction writing
Barbara VanVoorden, 314-516-7478, English grammar
Drucilla Wall, 314-516-5518, Native American studies and writers
Eamonn Wall, 314-516-5589, contemporary Irish, Irish-American literature and culture



Sally Barr Ebest, 314-516-6383, transnational feminist literature, transgender issues
Kathleen Butterly Nigro, 314-516-5581,; Kate Chopin, feminist theory and pedagogy
Lynn Staley, 314-516-5601, domestic violence issues



Susan Dean-Baar, 314-516-6849, nursing workforce, professional practice environments, development and implementation of nursing standards and guidelines for practice
Julie Bertram, 314-516-8612, psychiatric and mental health nursing; therapeutic communication; foster parent psychotropic medication management; shared decision-making interventions for mental health concerns
Wilma Calvert
, 314-516-7073, community health, nursing informatics
Anne Fish, 314-516-7077, exercise hypertensive
Sheila Grigsby, 314-516-6691, community health nursing, parish nursing
Kuei-Hsiang (Grace) Hsueh, 314-516-7773, care for frail elderly, Asian caregiving
Laura L. Kuensting, 314-516-7129, pediatric health care, pediatric emergency care, pediatric vascular access, pediatric rehydration therapies, nurse practitioner (NP) education, DNP education, Missouri legislative healthcare issues
Vanessa Loyd, 314-516-7513, health disparities, patient care quality and safety, health and nursing informatics, perioperative nursing, correctional health care
Liz Mantych, 314-516-7079, homelessness, incarcerated women
Lisa Merritt, 314-516-7084, child health, pediatrics, pediatric mental health, vaccines, child safety, nurse practitioner practice, advanced practice nursing, pediatric nursing, telehealth in nursing
Michael Nichols, 314-516-7345, Alzheimer’s disease
Kathryn Records, 314-516-6076, nursing, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
Diane Saleska, 314-516-7249, patient simulators
Karen Scaglione, 314-791-2593, Emergency Room Medicine which encompasses: general medicine, infectious disease, cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, neurological, musculoskeletal, trauma and the critical patient. American Nurses Credentialing Center’s content expert panel, the AGACNP national exam, the St. Louis Nurses in Advanced board
Elise Schaller, 314-516-7060, pediatric nursing, advanced practice nursing
Umit Tokac, 314-516-8400, research methods and statistics
Annie Vandermause, 314-516-6060, women, adolescents and substance use; community health; hermeneutic research methods
Felix Vincenz, 314-877-5987, clinical psychology, inpatient and outpatient treatment and rehabilitation, serious mental illness in the deaf, antisocial personality disorder, work-force development in behavioral health, psychosocial rehabilitation, self-directed care, electronic medical records development
Rachel Winograd, 314-516-8415, substance use, mental health integration, medication assisted treatment, public health, harm reduction



Deborah Cohen, 314-516-5735, historical and contemporary Mexican immigration, the U.S.-Mexico border
Priscilla Dowden-White, 314-516-5723, African-American St. Louis
J. Frederick Fausz, 314-921-4637, St. Louis History, early Virginia colonization, American Indians, fur trading, colonial America
Kevin Fernlund, 314-516-5740, history of space exploration and Lyndon B. Johnson
Louis Gerteis, 314-516-5680, 19th century United States, slavery, emancipation, St. Louis, Civil War and Reconstruction
Andrew Hurley, 314-516-4805, urbanization and development of St. Louis neighborhoods
Minsoo Kang, 314-516-5739, robots and history of science
Kara Moskowitz, 314-516-5999, African history, international development, decolonization, Kenya
Gerda Ray, 314-516-5697, white prisons
Steve Rowan, 314-516-5620, history of Germans in Missouri
Christoph Schiessl, 314-516-6871, U.S. immigration history after 1865; native collaboration in the Holocaust in eastern Europe; ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) during the Nazi era and the Holocaust; war crimes and genocide in the 20th century in general; Nazi Germany in general; historical memory of the Holocaust in the U.S.
Laura Westhoff, 314-516-5692, history of post-Civil War American women, American history education



Badri Adhikari, 314 516 7393, artificial intelligence, deep learning, bioinformatics, protein structure prediction
Sanjiv K. Bhatia, 314-516-6520, computer science, computer vision, image processing, operating systems, Unix, algorithms, cybersecurity, cloud computing, algorithms, computers in defense and drones
Haiyan Cai, 314-516-6351, stochastic simulations, computational statistics, statistical modeling, spatial statistics.
Sharlee Climer, 314-516-4985, computational discovery of genetic factors associated with complex diseases and traits (especially Alzheimer’s disease), combinatorial optimization, network clustering (community detection), traveling salesman problem
Adrian Clingher, 314-516-6338, mathematics, algebraic geometry, number theory, mathematical physics
David Covert, 314-516-6627, covertdj@umsl.du: mathematics, number theory, combinatorics, graph theory
Keith Miller, 314-516-5927, life-long learning in the sciences; computer ethics including professional codes of ethics, and the ethics of robots and other sophisticated machines; online education; and software testing
Cezary Z. Janikow
, 314-516-6352, artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation, genetic programming, cybersecurity







Kurt Baldwin, 314-516-4257, music performance, art of music interpretation, chamber music, small group dynamics
Gary Brandes, 314-516-2263, wind ensemble
Zachary Cairns, 314-516-5999, music theory; Russian music (particularly Soviet-era); 20th/21st century art music
Gail H Fleming, 314-516-4912, educational consultant business,
mentoring, curriculum development; providing faculty development workshops for music teachers, K-5, MS and HS Choirs
Barbara Harbach, 314-516-7776, women in the arts
Aurelia Hartenberger, 314-966-5359, world music – Africa, Asia, Latin America, Native American, European folk
Adrianne Honnold, 314-516-5980, popular music, popular culture, jazz, saxophone
Matt Henry, 314-516-7970, percussion
Stella Markou, 314-516-5947, voice, opera
Jennifer Mishra, 314-516-5984, music education
Julia Sakharova, 314-516-4258, classical music, string and violin music, music in everyday life, multifunctional brains of classical musicians
Michael V. Smith, : instrumental music education
Alla Voskoboynikova, 314-516-4198, piano, chamber music, music education, music collaboration with dance and visual art, UMSL piano studies, UMSL keyboard, summer camp, Russian piano school, Russian music, Russian and Ukrainian culture
Jim Widner, 314-516-4235, jazz





Carl Bassi, 314-516-6029, color vision, visual sensitivity, Alzheimer’s disease, new technologies
Edward Bennett, 314-516-6258, contact lenses
Kathleen Boland, 314-516-6229, low vision rehabilitation
Erin M. Brooks, 314-516-6259, children’s vision, ocular disease, community health eye care, vision therapy
Larry Davis, 314-516-5606, keratoconus, vision performance after surgery
Julie DeKinder, 314-516-5116, cornea and contact lenses, specialty and post-surgical contact lens fitting, scleral lens fitting, myopia control
Vinita Henry, 314-516-6532, contact lenses
Thomas Landgraf, 314-516-5949, ocular disease
Linda Marks, 314-516-5808, children’s vision
Angel Novel-Simmons, 314-516-5995, ocular disease



Jill Delston, 314-707-6039, ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy
Jon McGinnis, 314-516-5439, Islamic Studies; ancient and medieval intellectual history (including Greek, Latin, Jewish and Arabic); history of science; religious studies
Lauren Olin, 314-546-7324, moral psychology, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of neuroscience
Gualtiero Piccinini, 314-516-6160, philosophy of mind, neuroscience, psychology, computing, artificial intelligence
Waldemar Rohloff, 314-516-6192, logic and reasoning
Eric Wiland, 314- 516-5495, or preferably ethics, rationality, advice



Sonya Bahar, 314-516-7150, chaos theory, applications of physics to neuroscience and Epilepsy research
Bernard Feldman, 314-516-6805, automobile engines, bird flight, solar energy, failing bridges, cell phones and cancer and scientific fraud
Mike Fix, 314-415-5504, paleontology, dinosaurs, general geology
Phil Fraundorf, 314-516-5044, nano-characterization, electronic & extraterrestrial materials, information physics
Erika Gibb, 314-516-5081, comets, star formation, astrobiology, general astronomy
David Horne, 314-516-7471, Martian atmosphere and Mars exploration, general astronomy, general physics, planetarium
Eric Majzoub, 314-516-5779, condensed matter physics; energy-storage materials; hydrogen economy, energy-related technologies
Bruce Wilking, 314-516-5023, general astronomy, brown dwarf stars, comets and meteors



Steven Bruce, 314-516-7204, trauma, PTSD, anxiety disorders, mental health treatment
Jerry H. Dunn, 314-516-7342, child abuse and neglect, forensic interviewing of children, childhood trauma, child witnesses to violence, treatment of childhood trauma, implementation of evidence-based treatments for child trauma, trauma-informed, child-serving sectors (e.g. child protection/welfare, education, integrated care, juvenile justice)
Emily Gerstein, 314-516-5398, child psychopathology, parent-child and family relationships, children born preterm, children with intellectual disabilities, parental stress and depression, social-emotional development
Matt Kliethermes, 314-516-6787, Child trauma, Child abuse and neglect, post-traumatic stress in children and adolescents, Trauma-informed services for children and adolescents
Sandra Langeslag, 314-516-5395, how emotions and romantic love affect cognition (e.g., attention, memory), how we can regulate our emotions and love feelings
Rachel Wamser Nanney, 314-516-7335, traumatic stress in children, adults, parents and families; PTSD; gun violence; trauma-informed assessment and treatment
Lee Nelson, 314-516-5992, counseling and psychotherapy supervision, gender issues in counseling , social class and poverty issues in counseling, school counseling
Miles Patterson, 314-516-5577, nonverbal communication
Carissa L. Philippi, 314-516-5357, neuroimaging, resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), self-related thought (e.g., autobiographical memory, mind wandering, self-focus), brain imaging in depression, psychopathic traits (and/or psychopathy in prison inmates)
Jennifer Siciliani, 314-516-5469, human sexuality, interpersonal attraction, dating, online dating, pharmacology (drugs and behavior), gender and issues of gender, intersex conditions, undergraduate academic advising, personal training (exercise), and graduate school application processes for psychology and pre-med
Rachel Christiansen Taube, 314-516-8499, mental health program fidelity evaluation, evidence-based practice implementation, organizational change, co-occurring disorders, trauma, abuse.
Ann Steffen, 314-516-5382, aging and mental health, depression, dementia, Alzheimer disease, family caregiving, psychotherapy, loss & grief, end of life planning
Matthew Taylor, 314-516-5409, minority mental health; race, racism/discrimination & psychological impacts of; sports & psychology



Joel Glassman, 314-516-5753, Chinese politics; Chinese foreign policy; US foreign policy in Asia; political economy of East Asia
Barbara L. Graham
, 314-516-5854, selection of federal and state judges, constitutional law, American national politics
Jean-Germain Gros, 314-516-5848, state failure and reconstruction, democracy and development in Francophone Africa and the Caribbean, health policy and administration in U.S. and Africa, Haiti, Trans-Atlantic slave trade, slavery in the Caribbean Islands
Lorenzo Gonzalez, 314-516-5521, adult education, Cuba, Latin America history, political science, Spanish
Ruth Iyob
, 314-516-6372, African politics
Terry Jones, 314-516-5511, local government reform, metropolitan governance and issues, U.S. Public opinion, Missouri state government, elections (national, state, local), American urban politics, public opinion, voting behavior, survey research methods
David Kimball, 314-516-6050, American elections and voting, public opinion, Missouri and St. Louis politics, voting behavior, election administration, interest group lobbying
Anita Manion, 314-516-6746, gender and politics, education policy, American politics
Richard Middleton, 314-516-6745, immigration, civil rights, social justice, human rights, constitutional law, law
Joyce Mushaben, 314-516-4908, identity politics, feminism, German and European politics
David B. Robertson, 314-516-5836, American and Missouri politics; Constitutional convention; U.S. public policy including environmental policy; U.S. political history, U.S. Constitution
J. Martin Rochester, 314-516-5844, U.S. foreign policy, international relations, international law and organization
Todd Swanstrom, 314-516-5259, community development, foreclosures, regional government and policy, urban politics and policy, transportation, neighborhood change, vacant and abandoned properties, municipal reform
Kenneth Thomas, 314-516-5839, economic development, tax increment financing, subsidies to business, international political economy, multinational corporations, bidding wars for investment



Jeanne Ortega, 314-516-6594, evaluation and organizational development
Mark Tranel, 314-516-5289, state support of recycling programs in the Midwest, public pension fund investment



Uma Segal, 314-516-6379, immigrant and refugee integration, and family violence



Vivian Eveloff, 314-516-6622, women in politics, politics and elections in MO, especially women candidates and office holders over last 30+ years



Niyi Coker, 314-516-4852, African and African-American theater, film, music, culture and history
Rita Csapo-Sweet, 314-516-6663, Eastern and South Central European media and culture during the communist and post-communist period



Teresa Balestreri, 314-516-5002, career and employment related topics
Alan Byrd, 314-516-6471, enrollment, financial aid, college admissions, scholarships
Liane Constantine, 314-516-6983, higher education markets and market structures in Germany, Korea, Kuwait, sci–tech and research maps in Germany & South Korea, studying in Germany & Korea
Curt Coonrod, 314-516-5211, student issues
Allan Crean, 314-984-9000, computer training
Elizabeth Eckelkamp, 314-516-5396, academic advising, student success, student retention
Lori Flanagan, 314-516-5661, men’s and women’s varsity sports programs
Tony Georges, 314-516-5508, financial aid
Jonathan Lidgus, 314-516-5537, residential life, SUCCEED program
Jessica Long-Pease, 314-516-5202, student involvement and organizations, fraternity and sorority life, campus life, student government
Nancy Magnuson, 314-516-5671, trends in student health
Natissia Small, 314-516-5128, K-12 college access programming (Bridge Program), college academic support, tutoring, mentoring (peer to peer, faculty/staff)
Chris Sullivan, 314-416-5711, collegiate mental health, counseling on college campuses, multicultural counseling



Jim Craig, 314-516-6037, military operations and strategy, veteran public policies, veterans in higher education, history of veterans’ support programs in America, military culture, role of literature in veteran healing, civil/military relations, military policy, military operations and strategy


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