UMSL shuttles sport new design as part of transportation upgrade

by | Sep 16, 2019

Lead graphic designer Wendy Allison created the new design in consultation with a committee of stakeholders led by UMSL Police Captain Marisa Smith.
UMSL Shuttle

A campus shuttle, showcasing the new design, drives past the J.C. Penney Building on a recent day. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Students waiting at University of Missouri–St. Louis shuttle stops are now being treated to a new view.

Recently, UMSL Parking and Transportation extended its shuttle service contract with St. Louis Transportation. As part of the deal, three new shuttles were put into service on campus. The extension also presented an opportunity to update the shuttle graphics.

The new graphics, which feature the UMSL trident logo prominently in red and gold, were developed with input from a number of university stakeholders.

UMSL Police Capt. Marisa Smith led a design committee that included representatives from Parking and Transportation, the UMSL Police Department, University Marketing and Communications and Student Affairs. UMSL Athletics also provided guidance on the final design.

The guiding idea behind the redesign was, “Home of the Tritons.” Wendy Allison, lead graphic designer for University Marketing and Communications, noted the previous graphics were becoming a bit dated. Allison said the new design, which she created, helps present a unified brand and identity for the university.

“The idea was to give it ownership,” she said. “It gives the rider a chance to say, ‘I’m a Triton!’”

Freshman Mitchell Sellers was impressed with the new aesthetics, as well as the new shuttles.

“They look really nice,” Sellers said while waiting at the Main Circle stop. “I think it’s an improvement.”

Burk Krohe

Burk Krohe