Confronting coronavirus through art

Cara Peterson

Jennifer McKnight, an associated professor in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, hosted a Zoom image-making class on March 24 to boost morale during social distancing.

Professor Jeff Sippel guided his students through innovative ways to continue their printmaking classes from home working without a press. Junior Ari Craig (prints below) created interesting textures through objects glued to foam boards using what supplies she had on hand: acrylic paint and thin drawing paper.

“I normally don’t do abstract stuff,” Craig says. “But I think they turned out OK considering I made them all in my bathroom.”

Ari Craig


Melinda Schmidt


Concepcion Salazar


Cierra Hyatt


From left: Jennifer McKnight, Scott Gericke and Aaron Haller


Jennifer McKnight


From left: Jessica Handley, Madeline Kemp and Michael Cunningham


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