Eye on UMSL: Bahamian night

by | Nov 21, 2022

A group of students from The Bahamas shared a bit of their culture with the rest of UMSL's international student community during a gathering last week in the Provincial House.

A group of Bahamian students gather in the Museum Room at the Provincial House

A cohort of first-year students from The Bahamas had a chance to share a bit of their culture with the rest of the international student community at the University of Missouri–St. Louis last Wednesday evening as UMSL Global hosted a gathering in their honor in the Museum Room at the Provincial House.

Guava duff

Students had a chance to try guava duff, considered by many to be the national dessert of The Bahamas.

A few dozen students attended the event and shared pizza and soda but also traditional Bahamian dessert guava duff and listened to some favorite Bahamian music.

The gathering took place amid UMSL Global’s weeklong celebration of International Education Week with an international flag display in the Millennium Student Center rotunda and an UMSL Study Abroad Scavenger Hunt. UMSL students and faculty also took part in a national China Town Hall with more than 80 venues across the country. The program featured a conversation between former Ambassador Jon Huntsman and National Committee on U.S.-China Relations President Stephen Orlins.

Also as part of International Education Week, on Thursday, UMSL alumnus Timothy White, a professor of political science at Xavier University, delivered the Dr. Edwin H. Fedder Lecture in Foreign and International Affairs, discussing the war in Ukraine as it relates to U.S. foreign policy, the strengthening of NATO, and establishing or re-establishing American influence in Europe. The Fedder lecture honors the late Dr. Edwin H. Fedder, founder of UMSL’s Center for International Studies, which more than 50 years later is now known as UMSL Global.

These photographs were taken by UMSL photographer August Jennewein and are the latest to be featured in Eye on UMSL.

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