Row your Stress Away: ROW VIGOR Comes to UMSL

During a chilly winter evening at cortex’s weekly Venture Cafe, a couple of my buddies and I decided to attend a workshop that happened to start around the same time we were looking through the schedule. It was a session that gave me the first insight into what the startup culture of St. Louis is shaping up to be. Fast forward from that session, I also managed to land an interesting internship that, to say has given me great hands-on experience, is an understatement.  This is a short story about my discovery of ROW VIGOR, and a personal account on working with a startup to generate brand awareness, customer generation, and project management.

I later came to realize that this workshop was actually Capital Innovators showcasing their startups business winners that are making a grand entrance to the St. Louis start up space. It was a full house, and people piled all around the walls where chairs could not fill in the capacity of listeners. Business ideas that were introduced to the audience were fresh and exciting. The audience seemed to share the same consensus: this was a big deal.

I wanted to speak with one of the presenters talking about ROW VIGOR, a rowing technology company that produces rowing games classes combined with other challenging movements. Without any workout points being wasted into thin air, they were also working on a code that allowed rowers to revolutionize the way they worked out: a virtual experience that synced the data with your devices. It was quite simple, as Kevin Allen, the founder of the company explained, thirty minutes of rowing is like 90 minutes of spinning. I do not work out much, so choosing an exercise that did three times the amount of work any other workout required sounds awesome.

With these connections forged, UMSL Accelerate announced a partnership with ROWVIGOR ( and the Recreation and Wellness Center to provide the newest rowing fitness games and classes located on the third floor of the RWC. Finding the best fitness experience that is fun and effective matters, and now students can experience it here.

FREE classes for the community during Open House classes to introduce our membership to the ROWViGOR fitness experience:
Friday, May 5: 11:00AM, 1:15PM, 4:00PM, 6:30 PM

See you at the gym! Click the link to class schedule.  (Link)

Come join us! Click the link to RSVP to the free Boot Camp event. (Link)

Want to learn more? Click the link to get a feel for what ROWVIGOR is all about. (Link)

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