EC@UMSL- Giving You the Tools to Be Your Own Boss!

This is us…

With a more recent start to our club and only 2 physical meetings, you would think the Entrepreneurship Club at the University of Missouri – St. Louis is naive, possibly callow, or maybe even amateur.  The truth is, the EC@UMSL is none of the above.  It may be young but there is a respected and knowledgeable team that leads the club and can deliver valuable knowledge to anyone that has an idea for a business that could use some direction, an existing business that needs some fine tuning, or just if the thought that being your own boss excites you.  We have to tools to help you!

What is the value?
The Entrepreneurship Club knows some things about entrepreneurship, but not everything.  That is why we bring in entrepreneurship experts that have great ideas and know about innovation.  This includes our very own Dan Lauer, our friends at Launch Code, and Brianna Smith, another friend and digital media strategist.  Members of EC@UMSL have already gained a lot of valuable knowledge and do NOT want to miss what we have planned for next semester.

How do you join?
One of the best things about the EC@UMSL is all you have to do is show up.  You can click here to get started.  You can also follow us @umslaccelerate on Twitter and Instagram, and like our Facebook page to hear about upcoming events and meetings.

What else can I expect?
At every meeting we usually have some kind of snack and refreshment to help power your brain that is thinking up such great ideas.  We also offer certificates to members who attend 2 or more meetings.  This a tangible way we can help you in your professional career, and it looks good on your resumé.  Who doesn’t like depth to their resumé?

Our Goal
EC@UMSL is ultimately to here to help UMSL students gain exposure to St. Louis’ entrepreneurship ecosystem, achieve their entrepreneurial business goals, and to inspire you create innovative ideas.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

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