New Pathways to Energy

Remember when we announced the pooling of money and resources into one spot that was meant to help develop companies and their products toward better energy? This awesome idea came in collaboration with Ameren and Capital Innovators. Fast-forward four months later, and Ameren has announced the seven-startup companies chosen to take on the cohort this season. This decision came after screening more than 200 companies from 31 countries that applied for the program.
The event was a raging success; you could smell the excitement in the air. Students, faculty, professionals, inventors, and investors, all in one room talking about what is yet to come. Tailing the event was the evergreen energy drink for the crowd to enjoy as part of the Ameren theme of the night (like jungle juice, but not so college-y).

You can find our new company friends roaming the halls of Cortex Innovation Center at 4240, these companies are: /blossom, Hyperion Sensors, Omega Grid, Rebate Bus, SensrTrx, Switched Source, and WIFIPLUG. From data gathering to resource saving, seven companies are setting out change the status quo of energy. They want to lead this change by exploring new avenues. UMSL Accelerate welcomes our new friends on board!

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