The Dream Catcher

Entrepreneur enthusiast Yaniv Dudaie grew up with interests in soccer, travel, business, and a love for different cultures. As a child, he wanted to own a hotel in Italy with a pizzeria attached to it. Now that he is college bound, Yaniv wants to learn how to develop and grow companies so his childhood dream could still come true. What will his next dream vision look like?

He was born in Mexico, Grew up in Israel, and currently goes to school in St. Louis. Asides from his heavy involvement at UMSL Accelerate, his triple major in Finance, Logistics, and International Business, the mixture of school and academic internship is preparing him to start his own venture in the startup world. He is currently interning at Omega Grid as part of the new Ameren Accelerator cohort in partnership with UMSL Accelerate. The entrepreneur-in-training works on special projects for the peer to peer energy platform company.

The largest influence Yaniv has at UMSL is Marketing professor and superhero Betty Vining who showed him the importance of relationship building and personal branding. Yaniv continues to expand his professional network, and if you meet him, you would remember him as a front-row guy with the contagious smile on his face.

He was introduced to UMSL Accelerate by Chris Miller, Social Entrepreneur and faculty member at UMSL, who encouraged him to take one of his entrepreneurship classes. Yaniv has since been contributing his ideas and experiences at UMSL Accelerate EIR Program, interning with an Ameren Accelerator startup at the Cortex district, and working with his mentors for professional development.

When he is not talking entrepreneurship, he makes impressive Donald Duck impersonations. Yaniv’s journey to success inspires him to stay humble and never stop pushing goals forward, no matter which direction the winds of market needs take him. This dream catcher leaves no opportunity behind.


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