UMSL Accelerate Launches Initiative to Help Community Entrepreneurs Thrive

As an entrepreneur, we don’t know all the answers. There are too many roles to play when starting a business, and can seem impossible with our limited resources and know how. But there’s good news for the local entrepreneur community. The University of Missouri- St. Louis (UMSL) now offers entrepreneurs and small business owners in the community some resources that will help them thrive.

UMSL Accelerate, UMSL’s award winning and nationally recognized entrepreneurship & innovation resource, is inviting entrepreneurs in the local community to take advantage of a program, used by its very own students and faculty, to start and cultivate their ventures. This program is called Entrepreneurs in Residence, and is offered to all participants at zero cost. Through this program, our successful mentors in the field can guide entrepreneurs in stages anywhere from turning an idea from mind to market, to offering support on scaling a current business. This unique curriculum can be applied to small businesses in multiple stages through monthly one-on-one consultations. Can you think of any other program in our community that provides as much customized and intimate guidance that cultivate local entrepreneurs and small business owner?

To make you appointment, email or call UMSL Accelerate TODAY at or (314) 516-4626.

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