Along with the National Black MBA Association-St. Louis Chapter and Marks & Associates, IT Enterprises at the University of Missouri­–St. Louis will sponsor the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp June 30 through Aug. 18. There are two opening workshops, which will be held at ITe, on June 30 and July 14. Both are free and open to the public and start with a reception at 5:30 p.m. with workshops running from 6:15 to 8 p.m. Seating is limited

The boot camp is a comprehensive three-part program designed to help participants understand the market for starting a business, determine the type of business that best suits them and how to navigate a path to ensure success. Industry experts will facilitate the workshops.

Part one of the workshop, Inc. Yourself, will provide insight into the industries and businesses in demand in the St. Louis region and beyond. This workshop is free while parts two and three together are $200 with materials and light refreshments included.

Part two will be a coaching session that helps participants explore their entrepreneurial possibilities. Part three consists of five workshops that will focus on creating a pathway to business success in this new economy.

“Entrepreneurial Boot Camp is designed with the novice and seasoned small business owner in mind, as well as that individual who wants to know the ends and outs of starting a business,” said Jacquie Vick, president of NBMBAA-St. Louis Chapter.

“One of the biggest advantages to attending these workshops is that it will give participants access to individuals who can coach them through the process, long after the workshops end. Additionally, the environment will create great networking and relationship-building opportunities for participants.”

IT Enterprises supports innovation in high-growth fields including information technology and life sciences, providing the physical, mentoring, business development and computational resources required for startup companies to grow. Featuring both wet and dry lab facilities and a high-performance computing center staffed by onsite PhD scientists, ITe provides the expertise to help startups, in a wide variety of technical fields, solve fundamental research and development and business development issues, including those that require sophisticated computational resources. It is located at 4633 World Parkway Circle in St. Louis.

The National Black MBA Association, Inc. is a business organization that leads in the creation of economic and intellectual wealth for the African-American community. The St. Louis Chapter of the NBMBAA is a recognized 501(C)3 organization with a mission to assist in the professional, entrepreneurial, and economic and intellectual development of our members, corporate partners and the community at large. Members are actively engaged in a variety of fields including marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, telecommunications and general management in the for-profit arena, as well as involved in entrepreneurial endeavors. Members are encouraged to share their expertise by participating in various chapter activities.

Sandra Marks, Marks & Associates is a native of St. Louis, has been integrally involved in issues around diversity, entrepreneurial development, supplier diversity program management, and workforce development for over 20 years. She has mentored hundreds of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and has helped several establish contractual relationships with the public, private, consumer and corporate business sectors. Her firm currently serves as a consultant to Washington University and she serves in an advisory capacity for several local corporations.

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Kylie Shafferkoetter

Kylie Shafferkoetter