Senior benefits from Vantage CEO’s mentoring

Hubert Hoosman (left) and Jordan Franks

Hubert Hoosman (left), chief executive officer of Vantage Credit Union and UMSL alumnus, is a mentor to UMSL senior Jordan Franks. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Sometimes good things don’t have to come to an end. Many University of Missouri–St. Louis alumni stay connected with their alma mater long after graduation by mentoring current UMSL students.

Last year, Jordan Franks, a senior economics major at UMSL, interned at Vantage Credit Union in St. Louis where he was assigned a strategic schedule, one that exposed him to all facets of the credit union industry and provided real-world experience. But that’s not all.

He also had the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Vantage Chief Executive Officer Hubert Hoosman, who earned a bachelor’s degree in administration of justice at UMSL in 1979.

Hoosman is a longtime proponent of mentoring.

“Mentoring enhances the undergraduate experience,” he says. “It adds value to the degree. It adds perspective.”

Value indeed. Franks shadowed Hoosman and attended board meetings. The CEO even took Franks out to lunch on several occasions.

“I wanted to make sure his work at Vantage was meaningful and was benefiting him,” Hoosman says. “I was happy to find that Jordan was an engaged individual open to new concepts and adaptable.”

Franks says he cannot speak highly enough of the experience.

“I am a living testament to the functionality of mentoring,” he says. “It means even more to me that someone like Hubert Hoosman takes pride in reaching back to where he received his higher education to foster young minds. Both he and the Vantage organization have played quite a role in my development.”

The benefits didn’t end with the internship. As a result of his experience at Vantage, Franks received the Pete Crear Scholarship from the African-American Credit Union Coalition and now works part time as a teller for Vantage while he finishes earning a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Hoosman says he’s excited about the potential of other alumni taking time to mentor a new generation of students.

“There are a lot of UMSL alumni around,” Hoosman says. “I hope mentoring programs at UMSL continue to grow and other alumni jump in and help.”

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