UMSL’s 50th anniversary Jubilee needs your help

If one of the years on your Facebook Timeline says University of Missouri–St. Louis, then our social media guru needs your help.

“We launched the Facebook Timeline for the UMSL page last week noting a few historic milestones,” said Jon Hinderliter, UMSL’s manager of web and electronic communications. “Our goal is to expand the timeline and make sure every year is represented. Now we need to hear from the thousands of people out there with a connection to the university. What events rate a milestone designation?”

UMSL’s rich history is made even more so because it is woven so tightly with the St. Louis community. Thousands of people have been a part of that history and will be on hand to celebrate when UMSL kicks off it’s 50th anniversary Jubilee in January 2013. A series of events will continue throughout the year.

Committees have formed and there is a great deal of planning going on. A UMSL Jubilee website has been developed and now the Facebook Timeline. Think back:

Were you on the staff of the first Current in 1966? Were you at the first basketball game in the new Mark Twain Athletic and Fitness Center? Did you help blow out the candles for the 20th anniversary celebration? Or maybe you greeted Vice President Joe Biden on his visit in 2009.

Let us know what milestones we should use for the UMSL Facebook Timeline. Contact Jon Hinderliter at


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