Alumna aims for sensory overload in new photo exhibit

A model brings art to life during the opening reception for "Synesthesia," an exhibit by UMSL alumna Rebecca Haas at ArtDimensions, at 2720 Cherokee St. in St. Louis. (Photo by Rebecca Haas)

Please touch the art! You won’t find any signs asking the public to keep its distance at the current exhibit of photographer and University of Missouri–St. Louis alumna Rebecca Haas, BFA 2010.

Her photography exhibit will be on display until July 21 at ArtDimensions, at 2720 Cherokee St. in St. Louis. It features vivid and dramatic portraits combined with live art and music.

The exhibit, called “Synesthesia,” takes inspiration from the neurological condition of the same name in which a person attributes a personality to a certain color or a taste to a number. Her work plays on the senses and invites the viewer to be a participant in the exhibit.

Haas said many of the images in her exhibit came to her in dreams.

“Most images appear to me during the first stage of sleep, somewhere in between my conscious and unconscious mind,” she said. “I am intrigued with the mind and how individuals perceive colors, texture, depth and art in general.”

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