Psychologist talks texting’s impact on driving

Driving down the highway, you look over and notice the driver next to you is texting. How do you react? Some do nothing. Some honk their horns. Others get angry and aggressive.

Tara Galovski, assistant research professor at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, spoke with KTVI (Channel 2) Friday about a recent study conducted by Chicago-based Careerbuilders suggesting texting while driving may be an instigator for road rage.

“I think two important elements are essential,” Galovski told KTVI. “Texting is preventable, it’s not a roadway accident. We can prevent it. So if an accident occurs because someone is texting, you can understand why people get upset.”

Galovski is an expert on the topic of road rage. She wrote the 2005 book, “Road Rage: Assessment and Treatment of the Angry, Aggressive Driver.”


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