UMSL Chemistry Club at Ferguson Brewing

Josh Wilson, brewmaster at Ferguson (Mo.) Brewing Company, discusses brewing beer Nov. 9 while Ngusha Shaguy (right) and other members of the Chemistry Club at the University of Missouri–St. Louis look on. Wilson walked the students through the brewing process from adding cracked malt kernels, or grist, and hot water to a mash tun (left of Wilson) to two weeks later (for an ale) when the finished product is pumped into kegs and serving tanks that feed directly to the brewpub’s taps.

Known for its Pecan Brown Ale and Pumpkin Ale, Ferguson Brewing will create a new craft beer for UMSL’s 50th anniversary Jubilee celebration, which will kick off on Feb. 1. Wilson said he’s leaning toward brewing an Irish red ale. He extended an invite to the Chemistry Club students to make suggested tweaks to the recipe and participate in brewing the Jubilee beer.

Once completed, the beer will remain on tap at the brewery through the Jubilee’s conclusion in December 2013.

The photograph was taken by UMSL photographer August Jennewein and is the latest to be featured in Eye on UMSL.

Tom Hockett

Tom Hockett