Career Services director gives advice to upcoming, new graduates

Commencement at UMSL

(Photo by August Jennewein)

Teresa Balestreri, director of career services at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, said in a recent West (St. Louis County) Newsmagazine article that upcoming and recent graduates should plan ahead, gain experience and take a targeted approach.

“If they’re too broad, their resumes won’t make the cut,” she told the publication. “Putting together a degree program in relation to your interests, your skills and your values is the best approach to your degree.”

In addition, Balestreri highly recommended students take on an internship or gain work experience since theoretical knowledge alone will not easily land students a job. She reported positive news with UMSL experiencing a recent uptick in job and internship leads. 

“That is promising,” she told West Newsmagazine. “Phones aren’t ringing off the hook, but it’s certainly going in that direction. 2013 grads are going to be in a better place than they were back in 2011.”

Visit the West Newsmagazine website to read the full article.


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