11 UMSL photos from 2013

Fireworks at UMSL Jubilee Kickoff

“These fireworks were set off at the Jubilee kickoff at the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center,” said August Jennewein, University of Missouri–St. Louis campus photographer. “I’m a sucker for fireworks, even if it was freezing cold when I made this picture.”

Jennewein shoots thousands of photos each year. He likely set a personal record in 2013 as he photographed many of the celebrations tied to UMSL’s 50th anniversary. As the year came to a close, he chose the photo above and 10 more below to revisit.

“Thinking back over the Jubilee year, there were a handful of photographs – of moments – that were special to me and that I want to share with you at the close of one year and the dawn of a new one,” Jennewein said. “Enjoy!”

UMSL Jubilee Brew

Michael Nichols, the UMSL Chemistry Club faculty adviser raises a glass of the Jubilee Brew. It’s time to celebrate. Happy birthday UMSL!”

UMSL student Joseph Hendricks

“This is Joseph Hendricks outside Powell Hall. Our first photo shoot for UMSL Magazine got snowed out. But a week later I was able to meet up with Joseph. We did a variety of photographs inside Powell Hall, but this is the one I like best. It reminds me of the great jazz album covers of the ‘50s and ‘60s where the lone musician waits outside the club with his instrument, ready for a night of music.”

UMSL students in the snow

“Our UMSL students are a hearty bunch, even in the dead of winter. Here’s another example.”

UMSL Pack the Stands

“And they like to have a bit of fun too! This is from Pack the Stands night.”

UMSL Moonlight Ramble

“This was from the UMSL Jubilee Moonlight Ramble. UMSL and the Moonlight Ramble both celebrated their 50th anniversaries together as thousands rode through the streets of St. Louis. It was a fun time.”

UMSL Accapalooza

“I made this photo at the Accapalooza camp. I like the passion that Jim Henry was able to pull from the high school boys. They were having a super, fun time gearing up for their competition versus the girls.”


“I had several outtakes from photographing the ‘I Chose UMSL’ marketing campaign. It’s always fun doing a photo assignment with our students. They bring such energy and surprises to the shoot that I’m always left upbeat afterward.”

UMSL students at the Arch

“And here’s another outtake from a student photo shoot at the Arch. Talk about fun.”

UMSL students

“This was a quiet moment – two international students feeling at home here at UMSL.”

Ben Hunter, a graduate of UMSL's Project SEARCH

“Ben Hunter graduates from Project SEARCH. The moment says it all.”


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