Miss Amazing

Katie Johnson (in pink) reacts to winning the national Miss Amazing Pageant in Omaha, Neb. Johnson is a UMSL senior majoring in communication. (Photo by Mfinanga Photography)

Katie Johnson’s supporters already thought she was amazing, but now she has a national crown that says so.

Johnson, a senior majoring in communication, won the senior division of the national Miss Amazing pageant last month at a ceremony in Omaha, Nebraska. Miss Amazing is a pageant for women with disabilities. Johnson won the Missouri title in April.

At the national level, Johnson modeled a hot pink evening gown during the competition and presented a speech as her talent. Even though she was confident about her abilities, winning was still a surprise.

“I got very emotional,” Johnson said, of winning the national title. “I couldn’t really process it at first because I thought everyone did well. Everyone was a winner to me.”

Katie Johnson (left) poses with a friend during the National Miss Amazing Pageant. (Photo by Mfinanga Photography)

She made friends with the other contestants and was rooting for them as well. Contestants bonded by attending parties and other events leading up to the pageant.

“I made friends with many people through the Miss Amazing organization that have impacted my life, and I’m grateful to them and to the people who supported me at the state competition and nationals,” she said.

As part of winning the crown, Johnson has to organize a community service project. She’ll be taking blankets to a children’s hospital and doing other service projects around the state. She also hopes to start a blog about her experiences.

“This is something I’m looking forward to, because I’ve always had a passion for helping others,” said Johnson, who has cerebral palsy. “I want to make sure the Miss Amazing organization can continue spreading the message of positivity, and this is a great way to do that.”

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Rachel Webb

Rachel Webb