UMSL junior Carly Ochs

UMSL junior Carly Ochs is an outside hitter on the volleyball team and an accounting major.


Junior outside hitter Carly Ochs led the University of Missouri–St. Louis volleyball team to a recent 3-1 win over Quincy with a match-high 21 kills and completed that weekend of play by averaging 4.00 kills per set. She currently leads the team with 2.71 kills per set. A late addition to the UMSL Tritons roster, Ochs transferred to the university from North Carolina-Charlotte and answered a few questions for us about her transition to UMSL and the season.

What brought you to UMSL?

I came to an open gym over the summer because I knew Lindsay Meyer from club volleyball. When I was there I really liked the girls I met and the intensity, so when I was looking to transfer, UMSL became one of my top choices. I like that the school is close to home, which made transferring easier and now my family and friends can see me play. It was also important that UMSL has a good business school.

How have you adjusted to the team and UMSL as a whole?

It was pretty hectic at first because I transferred the second day of classes and was just thrown into school and practice right away. It helped that I already had a connection with Lindsay, but it was difficult adapting to a new team and school. I had to learn how everyone played, how the team offense and defense worked, and the coaching styles all while trying to catch up on my schoolwork. It helped that all the girls were very welcoming as well as the other student-athletes at UMSL. Now I’m adjusted and loving it here!

What is the best part of being a part of the UMSL volleyball team?

It would have to be our weekly inspiration that one person brings to practice. It keeps us focused on becoming better each week. I also love that our team never gives up on a game. No matter what we keep fighting.

During the UMSL rally in set one against Quincy, in which the team rallied from a 24-18 deficit to win 26-24, what was going though your head?

When I went back in and the score was 18-24, I was just thinking push every point that we can so we could get some momentum going into the second game. We kept getting closer and closer and when I realized we could win the first game I was so excited!

Since you are a front row player, when subbing out of the game how do you keep yourself mentally prepared to re-enter?

When I am out of the game I try to cheer as much as possible, see things on the court that I can’t see when I’m out there, and stay moving so I am engaged and ready to go back in.

How do you keep the intensity that you showed this past weekend up all year?

I need to work on staying aggressive throughout the whole match. I usually come out being really aggressive in the first game and have to remind myself to stay like that. It is very easy to just pull back and play it safe so that you don’t make mistakes, but that is not the way to beat hard teams.

What is your personal goal for this year? Team goals?

My personal goal is to continually improve my hitting percentage. My team goal is to advance to the conference tournament and go farther in the tournament than last season. I really think that we have what it takes to do that.

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is a UMSL senior majoring in education with an emphasis in elementary education. She’s also an outfielder on the UMSL softball team and an athletics media intern.

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