UMSL alumna Carol Becker

UMSL alumna Carol Becker, BA psychology 1981, says that serving as a volunteer tutor has brought back fond memories of her own college experience. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Like many of her fellow University of Missouri–St. Louis alumni, Carol Becker still feels a strong connection to her local alma mater.

“I am very proud of the way UMSL has grown,” said Becker, a St. Louis resident who earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1981. “I love seeing the billboards around the city with the ‘I Chose UMSL’ theme.”

Her affection for the institution recently prompted her to share her time and talents through a newly launched UMSL Alumni Tutors program, a collaboration between the Office of Alumni Engagement and Multicultural Student Services.

“I felt this would be a good way to become more involved in the UMSL community,” Becker said. “I love being back on campus and seeing all of the growth and changes. It also brings back many good memories of my times as a student.”

The volunteer commitment brings Becker back to campus for several hours per week during the semester, depending on the number of assignments and tests facing the student she is tutoring.

“It is completely flexible, because you can choose the subject that you would like to tutor as well as the times,” she said. “I really like the subject I’m working with, and my student is so bright and energetic. She is a joy to be around.”

Becker credits UMSL with providing the “excellent, cost-effective education” that set her on a strong path years ago and allowed her to graduate with little debt.

“The year 1981 happened to be one of the worst job markets ever,” she recalled. “But I was able to find a job in the field of training and development within two weeks of graduation. I was very fortunate.”

Eventually, Becker moved away from that field and into education. She is currently a staff member at a local high school.

“This is another reason why I enjoy the tutoring program,” she said. “It allows me to work with college-age students which is a different experience for me. I would definitely recommend this program to other alums.”

Assistant Dean of Students Natissia Small, director of Multicultural Student Services, noted that UMSL alumni “are experienced members of the UMSL community who can make a great impact in the academic advancement of students.”

“Our program is one way that alumni can volunteer their time and talent by supporting students in their pursuit of a higher education,” Small said.

Learn more about giving back to UMSL as a volunteer tutor here.

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Evie Hemphill

Evie Hemphill