Innovators, leaders, champions, the strong, entrepreneurs, performers choose UMSL

Performers Chose UMSL

The latest round of “I Chose UMSL” billboards features students, alumni and faculty paired to fit themes, such as Joanne Lee and Erin Baskett as performers.

As you’ve traversed St. Louis this month, it’s a good bet you’ve seen a University of Missouri–St. Louis billboard like those pictured above. That’s because about one million people daily will see one of 14 billboards that make up the latest round of the well-received “I Chose UMSL” campaign.

“Research has shown people identify with the message ‘I Chose UMSL,’” said UMSL Chief Marketing Officer Ron Gossen. “It’s proven to be an effective campaign that’s increased brand awareness for UMSL and showcased the quality, credibility and accomplishments of the university and its people. Given the success of the campaign’s past iterations – something the UMSL community can be proud of – we’re maintaining that messaging along major St. Louis interstates.”

The “I Chose UMSL” campaign began in 2012, and has featured UMSL students, alumni and faculty. The current iteration continues that tradition with a slight shift in focus.

“This round skews younger,” Gossen said. “We’ve also paired up billboards to fit six themes. So wherever you see one billboard, another with that same theme will immediately follow.”

Those themes include: The Strong, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Performers and Champions.

And here’s who you’ll find on those billboards:

The billboards will remain up in their current locations throughout March. They will spend April in new St. Louis locations.

Click here to view the new billboards and keep your eyes peeled for the real thing on interstate highways throughout St. Louis.

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