Music scholar featured in Fanfare magazine

Barbara Harbach, Curators' Professor of Music at UMSL

Barbara Harbach, Curators’ Professor of Music at UMSL, has been featured in Fanfare magazine. (Photo by Stephanie Zettl)

Asking Barbara Harbach what’s new is a loaded question – one that will leave you feeling tired for her just listening to all she’s been doing.

Harbach, a Curators’ Professor of Music at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, is a distinguished faculty member and composer whose works have been performed worldwide. She is the founder of Women in the Arts, the co-founder and senior editor of WomenArts Quarterly Journal and hosts the Women in the Arts radio show.

Her recent work, the 14-disc Antonio Soler Harpsichord Sonatas, includes over 1,000 minutes of Soler’s music preformed by Harbach. The boxset has been garnering great reviewsand she was recently featured in a Q&A by Lynn Bayley in Fanfare


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