2017 homecoming king and queen talk tacos, Triton traditions, red or gold

Sara Hilpert and Nick Domescik, 2017 homecoming queen and king

Sara Hilpert (at left) and Nick Domescik exercise some bragging rights as they point to their brand new crowns after capturing the vote for 2017 homecoming royalty. The new queen and king are seniors at UMSL, and both have a flair for being leaders on campus and a taste for Mexican food. (Photos by Graham Roper)

The University of Missouri–St. Louis’ newest homecoming king called the music “poppin'” last Friday night during the Homecoming Dinner & Dance, where he and the homecoming queen claimed their freshly won thrones.

Seniors Nick Domescik, a secondary education major with an emphasis in biology, and Sara Hilpert, a psychology major, came away with the crowns.

The traditional homecoming event took place at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in the trendy Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis.

After a night of serious dancing, the new king and queen took a moment to tell UMSL Daily about their favorite homecoming traditions, whether Triton red or Triton gold is superior and what their ideal day on campus is like.

This year’s royal duo enjoys the traditional homecoming king and queen dance.

What does it feel like being homecoming royalty?

Sara Hilpert: To be homecoming queen feels unreal! I know I would not have gotten here without the unfailing support of my sorority sisters, friends and family. Also, I feel very honored to be able to represent the UMSL community alongside Nick Domescik.

Nick Domescik: It feels amazing to be considered UMSL’s 2017 homecoming king. I worked very hard for this position by raising money, collecting cans for CANstruction and reaching out to the UMSL community for votes. I am honored to hold the title.

Which homecoming tradition do you like best, and why?

SH: The CANstruction event. ­­This is such a wonderful opportunity for the homecoming candidates to unify and contribute to the Pagedale Family Support Center. This year, I held a canned food drive in neighborhoods surrounding UMSL. It warmed my heart to see so many people donate canned goods to the cause.

ND: Big Man on Campus. I actually won the title of Big Man on Campus last year, and I have looked forward to the event every year because it is hilarious.

Which Triton color is your favorite: Red or gold?

SH: Out of those two colors, I would pick gold. Gold represents success in my eyes, kind of like a first-place medal. UMSL students are successful in their endeavors!

ND: Red is my favorite color in general. Therefore, I would have to say that I like red more than gold. I love going to an event like Pack the Stands and seeing red shirts fill the stands to cheer on our basketball teams.

The two strike a graceful, smiley pose.

Which student organization, club or team has really shaped your time at UMSL, and why is it so important to you?

SH: I owe much of my leadership skills and overall positive experience at UMSL to Delta Zeta Sorority. Since freshman year, I’ve formed the best of friendships, gained professional experience through leadership positions and traveled around the country for sorority conferences. My sisters are some of the most giving, sweet people I know. I am all too proud to be a member of an organization of women who are out in the world doing amazing things.

ND: I have been involved in Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association since I was a freshman. I began as freshman representative, and I have worked my way up to become the president of the organization. I love the honors college, and I love being involved in everything they have to offer.

What is the ideal day on campus for you?

SH: For me, an ideal day on campus definitely involves an Einstein’s bagel. All jokes aside, I like going to class and working at the Counseling and Social Advocacy Center on South Campus. Depending on the day, I may have meetings or programs to attend for my student organizations. I also look forward to days when I have my honors college classes.

ND: The ideal day on campus is one where I have the opportunity to host an on-campus event. I am a leader in multiple organizations, and I love getting people involved outside of classes. Being a leader has always been a goal of mine, and I love organizing events for UMSL students.

And last but not least, an ideal day on campus must mean a stop at the Nosh. What’s your favorite thing to chow down on?

SH: Hands down the soft tacos on Taco Tuesdays. So delicious!

ND: The quesadillas. They are filled with delicious cheese and tasty chicken. I love Mexican food, so those quesadillas always make my day!

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