Clinical psychology PhD ranked No. 11 by Grad School Hub

by | Mar 20, 2019

The ratings website applauded the program’s low cost to students as well as its specialized research topics, faculty support and hands-on training.
Clinical psychology PhD ranking

Grad School Hub ranked UMSL’s program as 11th in the U.S. and number one in Missouri on its list of 35 Best PhDs in Clinical Psychology. (Image courtesy of August Jennewein and Grad School Hub)

The PhD in clinical psychology program at University of Missouri–St. Louis has been recognized among the nation’s best.

Earlier this month, ranked the Department of Psychological Sciences PhD as 11th in the U.S. and number one in Missouri on its list of 35 Best PhDs in Clinical Psychology.

For its rankings, Grad School Hub considered only accredited programs and figured in graduate expenses, projected annual salary, alumni feedback, continued enrollment and degree selectivity. The rankings website noted that UMSL’s program cost the least of the 35 recognized and applauded its specialized research topics, faculty support and hands-on training.

In recognizing the doctoral program’s strength, Grad School Hub’s voice is not solo. included the UMSL PhD on its list of 50 Great Tuition-Free Doctoral Programs in Counseling 2018, recognizing the fully funded program’s graduate assistantships, comprehensive clinical training and diversity of faculty research interests.

The clinical psychology PhD is a competitive program that selects five candidates each year out of the approximately 175 applications received. The curriculum blends clinical practice with research, and students have the unique experience of working with patients in the Community Psychological Service and the Center for Trauma Recovery.

“We’re one of the only clinical programs in the country that has a trauma center in it,” said Director of Clinical Training and the Center for Trauma Recovery Steven Bruce. “The type of clinical experience that they get working with trauma patients is second to none.”

The program serves the people of St. Louis through collaborations with community partners such as the Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis, and the students rotate through clinical placements that help elevate the homeless population through mental health treatment. Students receive the majority of their clinical training at the Community Psychological Service, a nonprofit mental health center founded by UMSL that provides care to patients who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

The quality and rigor of the program shows: Graduates consistently score in the top 15 percent of the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

“We all think we have an excellent program, but it’s nice to be recognized,” said Bruce. “The quality of the program comes not just from the faculty but the students, as well, who are just outstanding. Our graduate students go on to have excellent careers, becoming faculty members at universities and medical schools or working in the Veterans Administration Hospitals or having their own clinical practice – so a variety of different careers. The program really positions students to do the types of things they want to do well.”

Jessica Rogen

Jessica Rogen