Snow falls on MSC ponds

A student carrying an umbrella walks through the snow in between the MSC ponds on Wednesday afternoon. (Photos by August Jennewein)

It’s been a mild winter so far across the St. Louis region, but the area was blanketed by about 2 inches of snow on Wednesday. Photographer August Jennewein wandered the University of Missouri–St. Louis campus to capture the beauty of winter’s first offering and the community members continuing their work and studies as it happened.


Snow outside Provincial House

A student gets off the shuttle in front of the Provincial House on South Campus.


Momo Kikuchi and Jenna Teeter

Momo Kichuchi and Jenna Teeter, two freshman members of the UMSL women’s golf team, paused to have their picture taken in the parking lot outside Oak Hall before heading to practice.


Snow outside Oak Hall

The still-green branches of fir tree collect snow outside Oak Hall.


Snow outside the Sandburg Archway

A student carrying his lunch walks near the Sandburg Archway and University Libraries on his way to the Science Complex.


Vince Costa studying in University Libraries

Freshman Vince Costa works beside the window on ground floor of the Thomas Jefferson Library as the snow piles up outside.


Snow outside Benton Hall

Snow rains down on the north side of the Science Complex.


Clearing snow outside the Recreation and Wellness Center

A member of the facilities and maintenance staff clears the sidewalk running down the hill between the Millennium Student Center and Recreation and Wellness Center.


Snow outside the College of Nursing

Snow accumulates on the already budding branches of a tree outside the College Nursing on South Campus.

UMSL Daily

UMSL Daily

Eye on UMSL: Sweet ride

Triton Leaders Allison Lendman, Ashley Schauwecker and Cole McWilliams take a seat in the newly wrapped, UMSL-branded red golf cart outside the Millennium Student Center.