UMSL partnering with Bisk to offer workforce development programs through Bisk Amplified platform

by | Jan 31, 2024

The platform is designed to assist organizations with their upskilling goals by providing employees with a one-stop-shop for accessing courses, certificates and degree programs.
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UMSL is partnering with Bisk, a pioneer in online and corporate education, to provide working professionals access to the university’s industry-relevant educational offerings through the Bisk Amplified™ platform. (Photo by August Jennewein)

A new strategic collaboration will help the University of Missouri–St. Louis expand the reach of its online programs and provide career-development opportunities to working adults in the St. Louis region and beyond.

UMSL is partnering with Bisk, a pioneer in online and corporate education, to provide working professionals access to the university’s industry-relevant educational offerings through Bisk Amplified™, an innovative platform that enables organizations to align their upskilling goals and foster individual and company growth. The platform assists employers, membership associations and nonprofit organizations by providing their employees a one-stop-shop for accessing Bisk’s portfolio of courses, certificates and degree programs offered in partnership with some of the world’s leading universities.

Among the UMSL programs included in the platform are bachelor’s degrees in business administration, communication, cybersecurity, information systems and technology and organizational leadership. It also includes master’s degree programs in cybersecurity and financial technology as well as UMSL’s Online MBA program.

Together, UMSL and Bisk are aiming to address workforce development needs in the St. Louis region and beyond. The initiative is designed to create pathways for individuals to elevate their skills, ensuring they remain competitive and are adapting to the demands of the workplace.

“Investing in the upskilling of the St. Louis community is a crucial investment that establishes the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity and resilience,” said Jennifer King, Bisk’s vice president of workforce and education, in announcing the partnership this week. “Through the Bisk Amplified™ platform, we provide cutting-edge programs to equip professionals to adeptly navigate the professional landscape.”

Bisk and UMSL share a goal to empower individuals and enhance community development, and both are working to build a future where professionals with industry-aligned education are ready to take on leadership roles and have success in a modern and ever-evolving workforce.

The Bisk Amplified™ platform helps employers leverage their corporate benefits to assist people in career advancement so that they can also work to strengthen their organizations.

“UMSL is thrilled to join hands with Bisk in redefining the way professionals access higher education,” said Reggie Hill, UMSL’s vice chancellor for strategic enrollment and career advancement. “Together, we are dedicated to enabling working individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to drive innovation and make a positive impact within their communities.”

Last fall, UMSL entered a partnership with higher education services provider AllCampus, providing access to 48 UMSL degree programs to more than 20 million working professionals from over 4,000 organizations in AllCampus’ workplace network. It is also a strategic education partner with the Amazon Career Choice program as it looks to continue its role as a driver of workforce development in the St. Louis region.

For further details about the online programs available through the Bisk partnership, visit UMSL programs included in the platform.

Steve Walentik

Steve Walentik