Eye on UMSL: A day in the life

by | Jun 17, 2024

Students from UMSL's College of Optometry and College of Nursing participated in a simulation designed to expose them to the complexities of poverty.

Optometry/Nursing poverty simulation

Students at the University of Missouri–St. Louis participate in a poverty simulation event on June 12. The simulation was designed to expose students in the College of Optometry and the College of Nursing, as well as students from the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis, to the complexities of poverty.

Each student played the role of a specific family member, and throughout each “week,” had to overcome certain challenges and meet different needs for their family. UMSL faculty, staff and volunteers helped facilitate the simulation.

This photograph was taken by UMSL photographer Derik Holtmann and is the latest to be featured in Eye on UMSL. View more UMSL photos by visiting the UMSL Flickr and Instagram accounts.

UMSL Daily

UMSL Daily

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