UMSL Global Student Assistant Spotlight: Kalaluka Mulonda

UMSL Global Student Assistant Spotlight: Ashma Singh
November 16, 2019
umsl staff with consul general- chicago
Visit from the Consul General of India–Chicago
February 11, 2020
My name is Kalaluka Mulonda. I am a Senior at the University of Missouri-St.Louis (UMSL) studying International relations. I was born and raised in Zambia, Southern- Africa up until I came to the US in 2014.

Upon arrival, I enrolled at St.Louis Community College and graduated with an associate in General Transfer Studies two years later. UMSL had always been my first choice of schools I wanted to attend after getting my associates. One of the few reasons I was drawn to UMSL was its diversity, its prominent international student presence as well as how conveniently priced when compared to the few other universities in the St.Louis area. My experiences here so far have been far more than rewarding academically but also enlightening on a personal level with the interactions and relations made with other students and faculty.

I have been a part of a few student organizations on campus and also had the opportunity to get a summer internship through the Political Science department at the St.Louis Civil Rights Enforcement Agency. Lastly, UMSL made it possible for me to study abroad in Poland for a semester in spring 2019, an experience I will truly be grateful for.

I am excited and looking forward to my last year as not only a student but a global ambassador as well for the UMSL Global department. I want to share with prospective international and current students the incredible opportunities the university has offered me.




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    This awesome! Grand son am so proud of you!!!