Hello to New and Incoming UMSL International Students

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November 17, 2020
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November 25, 2020

Written By: Neeha Chaudhry


Hello to all the new and incoming students here at the University of Missouri St. Louis. We hope

you’re just as excited to come here as we are to have you this spring. For over 50 years UMSL Global has engaged in a wide range of activities, programs, and services to share the transformative power of international education. In order to make your process of attaining your international education, UMSL Global has various webinars to help you through the process.


Through the following link http://umslnewstudent.eventbrite.com, you will be able to see various pre-departure events and webinars to make your process easier. The Webinars range from giving you tips on how to ace your visa, to letting you know about housing on and off-campus. In our webinars we give detailed information regarding both on-campus and off-campus housing telling you the benefits for each of them, helping you decide what the best fit for you might be.


I myself am a junior and an international student. In my opinion, two of the most beneficial webinars or events to attend would be “Preparing for arrival, orientation and Your First Week at UMSL” and “Virtual Game night with UMSL current international students”. As an international student, it was important for me to know what to do after my arrival. How the orientation was going to work and what to expect in my first week. I know how it feels during your first week, everything’s new and you’re probably going to be anxious and excited. This webinar would be very helpful in calming your nerves down because we’re all here for you!



Secondly, a virtual game night with current international students would also be very beneficial and fun. Since, due to the pandemic very few in-person events are being held this creates an opportunity for you to mingle with current students, hopefully, make friends and have someone here waiting for you upon your arrival. There will also be a bunch of more events once you’re here and there will be more opportunities to meet people but it’s always best to start now than later.


Looking forward to seeing all of you!

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