Artwork by Victoria Wayne, senior studio art major at UMSL, will be featured in an upcoming Gallery Visio exhibit.

An upcoming show at Gallery Visio will give seniors graduating from the Fine Arts program at the University of Missouri­–St. Louis some real world gallery experience.

The exhibition “Rehearsal” will feature a widely varied collection of art submitted by students with backgrounds in many different disciplines, including painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media. The exhibition will open with a 4 p.m. reception on Nov. 7. It will run through Jan. 8. The event is free and open to the public.

The purpose for the show is to provide the seniors with an educational workshop of sorts, a “rehearsal” to present their work in a formal, professional way.

Participating students will have the opportunity to collaborate with one another and organize a show that features and promotes their work, while viewers are given a one of a kind preview of emerging artists who may shape the future of the art world.

The exhibition will feature the work of Caitlin Aasen, Stephanie Banks, Terry Berg, Benjamin Catic, Conor Flecke, Emily Gogel, Dee Kuhlmann, David Lee, Kate Lynn, Zoe Nicholson, Seth Rodgers, Victoria Wayne and Jeff Yeckel.

Gallery Visio is a student-run art space in 170 Millennium Student Center at UMSL’s North Campus. For gallery hours click here.

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Myra Lopez

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