UMSL at Grand Center

St. Louis Public Radio began operating out of UMSL at Grand Center when the building opened in 2012. (Photo by August Jennewein)

This month marks the 42nd anniversary of when St. Louis Public Radio began broadcasting from the University of Missouri–St. Louis. And it’s now going on two years since the university extended its footprint into St. Louis’ burgeoning entertainment and media district with the opening of UMSL at Grand Center, St. Louis Public Radio’s new home.

Finally, June also marks nearly six months since the station’s newsroom merged with the St. Louis Beacon, which Editor Margaret Wolf Frievogel points out in her recent commentary “Why a news organization is like a university.”

“While the university and St. Louis Public Radio operate in different ways, we have much in common,” Frievogel wrote.

She gave several examples to illustrate her point, including the following:

• Teaching: “The university teaches through classes. We teach through reporting.”
• Research: “University studies often take years. Our research is urgent. Yet both professors and reporters aim to figure out the ‘why’ behind what’s happening, to understand who is affected and to explore what might or should happen next.”
• Critical thinking: “The university works directly with students to develop critical thinking skills. St. Louis Public Radio works by asking tough questions and challenging assumptions.”
• Digital disruption: “Both the university and St. Louis Public Radio have been swept up in the digital revolution.”

Visit the St. Louis Public Radio website to read the full commentary.

Ryan Heinz

Ryan Heinz