Kristin Sobolik tells St. Louis Business Journal how she keeps her life in balance

by | Jul 8, 2019

The provost, an ever-present figure on the UMSL campus over the past two years, likes to step away from her work with daily walks and long train rides.
Kristin Sobolik

Kristin Sobolik, an ever-present figure on the UMSL campus over the past two years, likes to step away from the stresses of her job with daily walks and long train rides. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Kristin Sobolik, provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs, has been an ever-present figure on the University of Missouri–St. Louis since arriving from Wright State University in 2017.

She’s led major initiatives like the development of UMSL’s new strategic plan and the university’s reaccreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and can frequently be found at campus events such as homecoming activities, the annual scholarship luncheon or this spring’s dedication of the Triton Pantry. If you can’t find her on campus, you can often spot her on social media, sharing news about UMSL and interacting with students and faculty members from her Twitter account.

The St. Louis Business Journal last week spotlighted Sobolik in its “Life in Balance” feature and talked to her about how she juggles the responsibilities of her job and maintains harmony in her life.

“I am working with people back-to-back all day long. Talking, listening, figuring things out and dealing with personnel issues,” Sobolik told the Business Journal. “So I like to be by myself and I like to take long walks. That is when I go internal and I go into my brain and I start sorting things out from the day or from the week. I think and analyze. I walk around our neighborhood, but my favorite place is the Missouri Botanical Garden. We also like Forest Park and Creve Coeur Lake.”

Sobolik also described her ideal getaway.

“I grew up by a train and I love the train whistle in the distance. So something else I do to relax and de-stress is take the train to various places,” Sobolik told the Business Journal. “I love taking the Amtrak to Chicago. I recently got back from a big train trip out West to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a 24-hour train ride. I like the slight rocking motion and watching the scenery go by. You don’t have to worry because you’re not driving. It’s nice to think on the train as well.”

To read the full feature on Sobolik in the Business Journal, click here.

Steve Walentik

Steve Walentik