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MDMC Awards Scholarships to ’19 and ’20 UMSL Business Students

By Katelyn Gierer

Every year since 2018, the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) has awarded students scholarships that have been supported by the conference’s attendees. This is the event’s way of giving back to the future of marketing. After all, how can we see a great marketing industry without investing in the new era?

Two of the past year’s winners were Amra Mehmedi in 2019 and Ebonee Allen in 2020. Both are business students who are in their final years earning their bachelor’s with the University of Missouri-St. Louis

Amra Mehmedi, UMSL Business Student

Mehmedi is a full time student at UMSL who is majoring in marketing. She is Vice President of Alumni Relations of Delta Sigma Pi, which is a professional business fraternity that gives students the opportunity to connect with leaders in their specified fields. The fraternity gives her the chance to create monthly newsletters and connect with alumni.

Mehmedi learned about the MDMC scholarship through UMSL and discovered how much the scholarship relates to her experience and course work. After doing some research on what she was applying for she realized that it was a great opportunity for students interested in marketing. Mehmedi thought, “This scholarship fit me perfectly. I am very passionate about the field and I recognized the chance I had to succeed with this scholarship.” 

She felt like the scholarship gave her a step in the right direction since she was in her early college years. The scholarship gave her the motivation to work hard and succeed in her education and work experience. “The scholarship was able to help me by not only helping pay for my education but also exposing me to what MDMC is. It has allowed me to broaden my horizons and explore the career field I plan on going into,” said Mehmedi.

Ebonee Allen, UMSL Business Student

Ebonee Allen is currently a full time student in her junior year at UMSL who is majoring in marketing. She is a part time RA on campus as well as a Triton cheerleader. Finding a marketing scholarship was important to her because she wanted to lessen the impact of tuition costs. 

Allen received her MDMC scholarship in 2020 after finding out about the opportunity through UMSL. She loved the content that MDMC provided its attendees and felt like it was a perfect chance for her to apply. “I felt like the scholarship was an amazing opportunity for marketing students, especially because there are not a lot of scholarships that are specifically for us.”

Growing up as an only child in a single parent household, Allen felt the importance of helping out her mother in any way possible. She applied for the MDMC scholarship in hopes of easing the financial stress and succeeded. Allen will be the first in her family to graduate from a university and we commend her on this great accomplishment!

She was surprised when she got the message that she was being awarded the scholarship. According to Allen, “I honestly did not think that I would get the scholarship, but I decided to apply anyway just to take the chance. I am very thankful that MDMC chose me. It is nice to have a scholarship that is specifically geared towards marketing students.”


Both Allen and Mehmedi are only two students out of over 15 who received scholarships from MDMC. For a full list, see below. These scholarships are a great way to encourage marketing students to succeed in their studies and careers. MDMC looks forward to awarding more and more students each year as the conference grows. To attend this year’s FREE virtual conference, register here. We’re looking forward to having you!


MDMC Scholarship Winners


2019 MDMC Undergrad Scholarship

Claudia Bee

Samantha Jacobs

Amra Mehmedi


2019 Advisory Board Scholarship

Sophie Dunlap


2020 MDMC Scholarship

Ebonee Allen

Ashley Lopez

Emily Ball

Dylan Wibbenmeyer

Sammy Jacobs

Adnan Salic

Michael Murphy

Christopher Harris

Dustin Barton

Lilian Getachew

Alaya Jones

Imani Balance

Kaleb Bolen

Keren Clinton