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MDMC Conference – TikTok Panel

By: Amanda Michaels

On September 22, 2022, at the MDMC conference, TikTok Majesty Panel: How to Market Your Business and Build a Community on TikTok was one of the five panels that was held, featuring four amazing panelists and a special speaker. There were many takeaways from the panel and special speakers, and I have included some of those takeaways below.

The first key takeaway I observed from the panel was how to get the correct audience to your account by Regan Gilliam. In order to grow your correct audience, you will need to post content and see what your audience likes and what they don’t. You need to grow, change, and pivot your niche to be able to structure your content to grow your audience. Lastly, know your goal and objective of your audience before you start posting content to know who your audience will be prior to posting content. 

The second key take away I observed was presented by Stephanie Lallas from TikTok, who said that 70% of users buy brands and products due to posts and 76% of people on TikTok follow brands. Having this high of a percentage is beneficial to many brands out there that want to sell products, but don’t want to just make ads, and instead want to create user engagement. TikTok is 20% more engaging than other social media platforms according to Stephanie making it a no brainer when it comes to content creators. 

Another takeaway I observed from the TikTok panel is that when creating a TikTok, you need to know the legal rights on the app. This is due to the fact that it could get tricky on what words or sounds you are able to use on your posts. When your post gets flagged for copyright issues in terms of sound, they will take down the sound from your post without any notice and your account can get flagged as well, without being informed on why. When it comes to content that you put out where you are talking or have words on the post, you have to be careful of the words and phrases that you are using, because it will do the same thing as sound except it will flag your account and remove your post without reason.

The fourth takeaway I observed is that this is not like any other social media platform and you need to throw the playbook out the window and start fresh. However, not all companies are able to use this platform. TikTok relies on hashtag searches and the more you use the better the reach you will get from your posts. The app has something on it for everybody and you as a brand can reach more audience if you know who they are before you start posting content. This platform takes 3 seconds to either capture your audience or deter them from your post. You want to make content that is short to catch your audience, but not too short where it makes the content feel rushed. 

The fifth and final take away from the conference is that commenting and engagement on TikTok to your audience and others is a must on the app. Commenting on your post makes you draw your audience in and makes them feel more engaged and connected to you. You not only want to do that, but you also want to search hashtags and sounds that are relevant to your content and comment on those posts. It allows others who might not be connected to your account to look you up and start subscribing to your page. This not only brings a bigger audience to your page, but also increases your engagement levels and reach. 

Overall, the MDMC conference panel on TikTok was one that you wish you had attended in person. However, with this blog, I have provided you with the main takeaways on what you need to know about TikTok before you start posting content to this social media platform.