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UMSL Students sat down with DemandJump


Written By: Emma Wolf

In March, UMSL students Nathan Jacquemin and Emma Wolf got to sit down with some of DemandJump’s best, Ryan Brock who serves as the Chief Solution Officer and Drew Detzler who serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for an interview. We had the chance to ask questions and learn more about what products and services DemandJump offers and how they operate within serving and helping their clients achieve the best for their businesses.

Drew Detzler explained that DemandJump’s main goals are to be the leading pillar-based marketing solution and to help businesses rank higher when people are searching for related keywords online. Pillar-based marketing is a cutting-edge concept where content pillars drive the marketing strategy. In pursuing pillar-based marketing methodology, DemandJump has found that it leads to page one rankings faster than anything tried before. DemandJump also has a leadership team that helps them stay competitive within the marketing world. Their goal is to maintain a functioning high-level operation that helps their clients.

Through pillar-based marketing, DemandJump provides myriad resources to assist in any services that clients may need to improve their organic search results. These services offered include SEO strategy, content strategy, strategic website content, and many more. DemandJump’s products and services aren’t solely a fix for your need but include the tools to gain success, these tools then accompany clients in doing what is best for their business. This provides their resources to be both self-service in some areas and provides help from expert content writers in other aspects. These resources also include establishing a customer journey map or building a better one, defining customer patterns, and structure topics and searches that relate to your product and who is searching. This way of pursuing pillar-based marketing allows clients’ customers to go more in depth throughout their research of the company and learn much more than what seems to be at the surface level.

In chatting with them via zoom, we were able to not only learn insights on how their company operates to serve their clients but also learned how they stay up to date on current trends. Ryan Brock, the Chief Solution Officer at DemandJump just recently published a book called Pillar-Based Marketing: A Data-Driven Methodology for SEO and Content That Actually Works. His book will give you resources on how to create your content based on how your customers behave, improve search engine rankings, build better content strategies, and more. It will not only further your knowledge of search engine optimization, but also gives you a better understanding of content strategy and how to use data improve your search results. Be sure to check out Brock’s book available on Amazon now!

Check out Ryan Brock’s and Drew Detzler’s SEO Panels and many other sessions at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) on April 17th & 18th held at UMSL’s Touhill Performing Arts Center.