St. Louis: A Global City in the Heart of America

 Choosing the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) for Computer Science
March 26, 2021
UMSL international students enjoying St. Louis’ Forest Park.
STL, A Great Place to Live
April 5, 2022

Skyline of St. Louis with Gateway Arch at nighttime.


By Bishesh Poudel
Part I
In the previous blog, we discussed how the collaboration between UMSL’s diverse faculty and student body makes it an exciting and supportive place of learning. Now, let’s go beyond the campus and talk about the city in which UMSL is located. How does the city of St. Louis foster an environment that is supportive of the success of our international students? Well, the question is easy and equally pleasant to answer. The city of St. Louis is one of the most diverse and welcoming cities in the Midwest. St. Louis and the surrounding areas have the third-fastest-growing foreign-born population among the major metros in the US. St. Louis’s population welcomingly and proudly consists of immigrants, refugees, and temporary migrants such as international students and foreign workers.
UMSL international students enjoy a festival in St. Louis

UMSL students at the Festival of Nations. Each year, the Festival of Nations celebrates immigrant culture and cuisine in St.  Louis.                                      

UMSL international students enjoy a day in St. Louis

UMSL students at Delmar Loop. Delmar Loop is a popular place for students to unwind during their free time.

The city also has a long history of immigration. Here, immigrants have built their lives, businesses/careers and revived entire communities. As a result, there is a strong sense of corporation, respect, and pride towards the foreigners and international students in St. Louis. For example, Amulya Lakku, a graduate student from India, found “St. Louis, a very safe to live in.” He fondly writes, “not only [St. Louis] is beautiful, but it has always had a particularly hospitable atmosphere, one that made me feel like I’m at home even if I’m at a brand-new place.”
St. Louis is a great city for international shopping

One of many International grocery stores in St. Louis. International students could get the taste of their home and try new flavors at these stores.

Meanwhile, Jahnavi Mannam, a first year graduate student from India, firmly believes that living in St. Louis further adds value to her education at UMSL. For her, living in St. Louis offers an opportunity to develop valuable soft skills such as intercultural communication and cooperation. She thinks these skills will allow her to work and succeed within diverse work environments. Jahnavi confidently notes that “there are many benefits that result from spending time in a new culture, for example, soft skills development like intercultural communication and program solving, or academic and career outcomes like improved GPAs and higher starting salaries post-graduation.”
Special thanks to Amulya Lakku and Jahnavi Mannam for participating in this blog series.

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