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by Bishesh Poudel

As a prospective Computer Science student at UMSL, you probably looked at our website and contacted the UMSL Global admissions staff for assistance with one of the most significant decisions of your life. Wouldn’t it be a great help to hear more about the program from one of the UMSL international students themselves – someone who knows what it is really like to study computer science at UMSL, the value it offers for your money, and the career opportunities available after graduation? These are valid questions that most international students ask when choosing a college in the United States.

To answer these questions, and to help other international students interested in majoring in Computer Science at UMSL, I asked Paul Luitel to share the decision-making process that compelled him to choose UMSL for his undergraduate degree in Computer Science (CS).

Luitel, a senior student from Nepal, transferred to UMSL in spring 2020. According to him, “affordability was one the important aspect in choosing UMSL.” Luitel said he inquired with several universities in St. Louis and was not happy with their higher tuition rates. Of course, tuition wasn’t the only factor that drove him to choose UMSL. He also wanted to make sure he was getting a quality education that would build a solid foundation for a career in the computer science field. He confided that he met with a couple of international students majoring in Computer Science at UMSL and was satisfied with their educational experience.

He said, “Nationwide ranking helped to make the decision too.” UMSL is currently ranked 126th among public schools in the U.S., a remarkable position among 1,626  public colleges in the nation. UMSL’s Computer Science program is also certified by the NSA/DHS as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

Luitel indicated that seeing the diversity among the CS faculty also eased his anxiety about UMSL’s academic expectations. For Luitel, the presence of international faculty conveyed a sense of accessibility and familiarity before classes even started.

“It made a big difference in my learning experience. I am never afraid to talk to them or ask questions whenever I need,” he said. “And I think the professors really appreciate such level of engagement and always respond in positive ways.”

As he plans for life after UMSL, Luitel is meeting with his advisor to discuss some of the numerous internship opportunities that exist in St. Louis and the surrounding region. Through various internship programs and career fairs offered at UMSL, graduating CS students can expect to find a career in cybersecurity, networks, internet programming, software and mobile apps development, data science, AI, and graphics. More than 94% of recent UMSL graduates are employed, volunteering, or continuing higher education post-graduation. As a result, UMSL alumni have a vast network in many local and internationally recognized companies, including Bayer, Boeing, Express Scripts, Google, MasterCard, Microsoft, USPS, World Wide Technologies, and more.

Are you considering studying at UMSL? The UMSL Global admissions team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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