The University of Missouri–St. Louis will present the Beginning Teachers Assistance Program Oct. 23 in the J.C. Penney Conference Center at UMSL. K-12 teachers in the first four years of their career are invited to participate. Attendance at the conference satisfies the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary BTAP requirement for participation in a university-sponsored mentoring program.

Teachers who attend will develop professional relationships with university faculty to share best practices based on research, reflect on teaching practices, cultivate an attitude of continuous improvement through reflection and discussion, and meet in a supportive environment where both professional and personal issues can be addressed.

This will be the seventh BTAP conference UMSL has offered.

“Our program content is based on several years of experience and assessment of novice teachers’ interest and classroom instructional needs,” said Helene Sherman, associate dean for undergraduate education at UMSL. “Speakers are classroom teachers and college faculty with specific expertise in their presentation topics. The program is also interactive offering small and whole group discussion and Q&A throughout the day.”

Sherman also offers continued opportunities for mentoring through electronic discussions.

Graduates from any college of education are invited to attend. There is no deadline to register; however, the conference is limited to 250 participants. The fee is $30. To register call 314-516-5655 or visit

Contact Sherman by or at 314-516-6710 for more information about BPTA.

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Leslie Patterson

Leslie Patterson