When looking back over the course of a year, August Jennewein remembers moments.

“The days and weeks all blend together, but it’s the moments that pop out at me. It’s the same way with photographs,” says the University of Missouri–St. Louis campus photographer, who shoots thousands of photos each year. “The myriad of different photo assignments throughout the year sort of blends together. But there are those individual photographs that pop out at me – those moments are the year’s highlights for me.”

With one year ended and a new one under way, Jennewein chose 14 photos to revisit from 2014. Here they are with his commentary:

MADCO and sax at UMSL's Touhill

MADCO dancer and rehearsal director Jennifer Reilly leaps forward as UMSL student saxophonist Zachary Nenaber follows in her footsteps as they rehearse the dance routine ‘Crossing the Line’ at the E. Desmond and Mary Ann Lee Theater in UMSL’s Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center. That’s MADCO dancer Nicole R. Whitesell watching the duo from a crouch on the floor.”

Bosnian brothers and UMSL alumni

“I had a memorable photo shoot for UMSL Magazine with brothers Irfan Sinanovic (left) and Nick Sinanovic who founded Vega Transport when they were still students at UMSL. Today, the company has a fleet of 50 trucks. That’s driver Makwan Karim sitting in the truck’s cab.”

Joking around in UMSL's Villa Hall

“Another unforgettable magazine shoot had me hanging out in Villa Hall with students in the Honors College Living and Learning Community. Again, there was this unplanned moment with the students joking around and having fun that made my visit – and the story – come alive.”

UMSL student and jazz great

“The great jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval gives an impromptu on-stage lesson to UMSL student percussionist Corey Axelson before that night’s concert at the 11th annual Greater St. Louis Jazz Festival. The UMSL Jazz Ensemble opened for the national acts at the festival, which was held at the Touhill.”

View out of forthcoming UMSL rec center

“During the fall semester I received a firsthand look inside the forthcoming UMSL Recreation and Wellness Center as it was being constructed. What caught my eye were the amazing views that will be had when using the walking/running track. It should look something like this.”

We Chose UMSL and I Chose UMSL billboards

“The ‘I Chose UMSL’ and ‘We Chose UMSL’ billboard campaign continues to be a winning combination. This was the view of a couple of billboards just north of downtown St. Louis. Those pictured included UMSL students and alumni.”

Sunset at UMSL's Touhill

“So often in my day the ‘moments’ appear when I stop running from one assignment to the next and just slow down and enjoy what’s right in front of me. That was the case with this photo. I was en route to a shoot in the Touhill when this sunset stopped me in my tracks. I just had to make this photo to share with others what I was seeing.”

UMSL student and Louie

“I always enjoy photographing Louie because the UMSL mascot’s presence always lends to some levity and fun for those who are part of the shoot. And that extends to the breaks. We witness that with this photo of Louie and UMSL SUCCEED student Abeo Thompson.”

UMSL accounting class

“Sometimes I’m lucky enough to pop into a classroom to snap off some photos of a class in session. On this particular day I ventured into Jennifer Reynolds-Moehrle’s accounting class. We have some amazing professors here at UMSL. When I’m photographing, I also try to soak up all the knowledge that is being shared with the students.”


“Quite often one story will lead me to the discovery of another one. Such is the case with our students’ activity at Gardenville.”

UMSL student Hannah Perryman

“Before I begin any shoot I always take a look at my lighting. On the day I photographed UMSL student athlete Hannah Perryman the light sifting through the trees in the Quad on North Campus was just perfect for a portrait. And just like when she’s pitching from the circle, Hannah brought her ‘A game’ with her too. It was great to capture her smile, something hitters might rarely see from the fierce competitor – aside from maybe after she fires a third strike by them.”

UMSL student Robert Perks in the Quad

“Sometimes after I’ve finished a photo shoot, such as the one in the Quad with Hannah, I’ll linger and just look and listen to all of the moments unfolding before me. This moment of UMSL student Robert Perks studying in the Quad is a perfect example of the beauty of our campus and how it is enjoyed and appreciated.”

UMSL Night at the Ballpark

UMSL Night at the Ballpark. What more needs to be said other than members of the UMSL family had a blast watching Matt Holliday crush a near-record 467-foot homer and the Cardinals knock off the Rockies en route to their fourth-consecutive postseason!”

UMSL student at commencement

Business major Jeanna Jittisiri Rifenberg shows off her new pride and joy at the UMSL Commencement ceremony on Dec. 20.”

The UMSL Experience

Ryan Heinz

Ryan Heinz