My Donut Day by Letisha Wexstten

“My Donut Day” is an illustrated map of one Saturday when Letisha Wexstten was finishing up a bookbinding project for a course she took last semester with UMSL’s Jennifer McKnight. The journey begins with a trip to Office Depot, where an employee’s makeshift tape-it-together-and-make-a-photocopy plan for turning Wexsstten’s spreads into a book just wasn’t going to cut it. “I said, ‘No, you can’t do that – because even if it’s off a quarter of an inch, Jen will know.’ And so I decided I’d go somewhere else. And then I thought, ‘You know what, I need a treat. I need doughnuts. I’ll go get doughnuts.’ So I go to the shop and I ask for some doughnuts, but they put them in a very small box and also decided to tape the box shut.’” Click on the image for a closer view of Wexsstten’s humorous depiction of the day, which eventually began to improve – and concluded with both successfully bound books and the consumption of doughnuts. (Design by Letisha Wexstten)