10 great UMSL photos from the start of the fall semester

by | Aug 28, 2017

First week of class a bit of a blur? Not to worry – UMSL's photographer focused his lens on capturing memorable Triton scenes.
Paint-A-Palooza 2017

(Photos by August Jennewein)

First week of class seem like a bit of a blur? Not to worry – the lens of University of Missouri–St. Louis campus photographer August Jennewein was focused on capturing a wide variety of memorable, #UMSLProud scenes.

Here he shares 10 of his favorite images from the beginning of the fall 2017 semester with UMSL Daily readers. Explore more of his campus photos on UMSL’s Instagram and Flickr feeds.

Move-In crew

Chancellor Tom George (at right) joins a crowd of campus volunteers on hand for Move-In Day.

First day of class in Anheuser-Busch Hall

Students in the College of Business Administration enjoy the first day of class in Anheuser-Busch Hall‘s Dave Ganz Room, a tiered classroom funded through donations from former students.

University Singers booth

The University Singers represent at their booth during the Fall Involvement Expo.

Tie-dye fun

UMSL students (from left) Sydney Schaefer, Joseph Retzer and Olivia Price show off some handiwork following a tie-dye event.

International House barbecue

The large group gathered for the International House barbecue pause for a portrait.

Joy and Theo

Joy Kuebee and her four-legged friend Theo enjoy the Fall Involvement Expo.

#UMSLProud event

“I CHOSE UMSL” reads the front of each shirt given out at Friday’s #UMSLProud extravaganza.

Sand volleyball fun at UMSL

Move-In Day isn’t all work and no play.

Welcome to Oak Hall

New students get a hand unloading vehicles and carrying boxes on their way into a welcoming Oak Hall.

Eclipse at UMSL

Tritons look skyward as the Aug. 21 solar eclipse progresses overhead on UMSL’s North Campus during the first day of the semester.

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