UMSL viewbook has a new look, new story

by | Sep 23, 2019

University Marketing and Communications and the Office of Admissions worked in concert to revamp the publication.
UMSL viewbook collage

The cover of the new UMSL viewbook is pictured surrounded by photo spreads from the publication.

The Tritons’ trident is making an impression on prospective University of Missouri–St. Louis students this year.

The logo is featured prominently on the cover of the latest UMSL viewbook as part of an effort to unify admissions materials and to create cohesive overall branding for the university. University Marketing and Communications and the Office of Admissions worked in concert to revamp the publication.

Jami Hirsch, manager of creative services, said the trident logo serves as a strong visual focus for the viewbook and other admissions materials. Dixie Williams, who took over as director of admissions in February, found that it resonated with people on campus.

“The students I talked to when I got here very much liked the trident,” Williams said. “It’s a symbol that identifies as UMSL.”

Using UMSL’s official colors more consistently was another goal. Hirsch said there had been more relaxed standards for past materials, leading to some conflicting branding. However, the redesigns of the viewbook and campus shuttles, which also feature the trident logo in the official red and gold, are meant to mitigate any further contrasts and reinforce the campus as the “Home of the Tritons.”

Williams said the story of the viewbook is meant to provide prospective students with information on all the options and opportunities available to them at UMSL. Joan Barnidge, a senior designer who worked on the viewbook, said it’s a story about the student experience on campus, too.

The table of contents not only lays out step-by-step what’s included in the viewbook but also what happens when students choose UMSL.

“On the inside, the approach was, ‘What story do we want to tell about UMSL?’” Hirsch said. “This is what happens when you choose UMSL. You are going to choose your major, you’re going to have an academic experience unlike any other and you’re going to get involved in campus life.”

Highlighting St. Louis and the community surrounding the university was a priority as well.

“We need to showcase we are St. Louis as much as we are UMSL,” Williams said.

Thus far, the response to the new viewbook has been positive.

“People are really responding, especially to the St. Louis page, which might have to do with featuring the Blues winning the Stanley Cup,” Hirsch said.

Williams noted that prospective students see a lot of materials when considering colleges. She said repetition and recognition are important in recruiting, which is why it was imperative to have cohesive materials. Though the school year just started, the redesign seems to be working.

“I think it’s playing out well in the visits and recruitment we’ve done so far,” Williams said.


Burk Krohe

Burk Krohe