UMSL Marketing and Communications wins two EduAd Awards

by | Apr 17, 2023

The team received silver in the “outdoor” award category for the “UMSL MORE” campaign and was also recognized for an admissions kit delivered to newly admitted students.
UMSL graduate Brandyn Chambers takes a photo of himself near an UMSL billboard containing his likeness

UMSL graduate Brandyn Chambers takes a photo of himself near an UMSL billboard containing his likeness. UMSL Marketing and Communications won an Educational Advertising Award for the series of billboards. (Photo courtesy of Brandyn Chambers)

A series of billboards lined highways throughout the St. Louis region last year, inspiring passersby to “Find Your MORE” at the University of Missouri–St. Louis.

The ads garnered one of two silver honors UMSL Marketing and Communications received in the 38th annual Educational Advertising Awards.

The team received silver in the “outdoor” award category for the “UMSL MORE” campaign, which features billboards communicating the variety of UMSL offerings that go beyond general expectations.

A new admit box designed by UMSL Marketing and Communications

UMSL’s Creative Services team designed an admissions kit sent to newly admitted students. The design won a silver honor in the Educational Advertising Awards. (Photo by August Jennewein)

In addition to the “outdoor” award, the creative services team also earned a silver for the branded design of the admissions kit newly admitted students receive upon acceptance to the university.

The customized box and items, which include an acceptance letter, a notepad, water bottle and other gifts, feature the UMSL “Discover MORE” branding. The box also has a QR code that connects to a video containing a welcome and next steps for new UMSL students.

There were over 2,000 entries from over 1,000 colleges, universities and secondary schools across the country and abroad. Silver awards were granted to 271 institutions. Judges for the awards consisted of a national panel of higher education marketers, advertising creative directors and advertising professionals.

Traci Moore, director of creative services in Marketing and Communications, said the “UMSL MORE” billboard branding refreshed the long-running “I CHOSE UMSL” campaign.

“The billboards were designed to establish a new look, feel and messaging in the community and to prospective students and their families,” she said. “They were a small part of a larger initiative to bring in new branding that infuses youth, vitality and new perspective to the university.”

The admissions kit, an idea initiated by Reggie Hill, vice chancellor for strategic enrollment at UMSL, was customized with the “Discover MORE” branding.

“Effective collaboration between marketing and communication and admissions was essential in developing the admitted student concept,” Hill said. “Working together to create a cohesive and compelling message has inspired and attracted amazing students to our institution thus far. Winning an award is a testament to our efforts and a reminder of the power of teamwork and shared vision.”

He added: “We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from accepted students about the admitted student concept with many expressing how it has helped them feel more connected to the institution and excited to join the UMSL community.”

The creative services team also worked with a consulting company, brainstorming ideas for new branding and then developing their concept.

The “Discover MORE” branding communicates a deeper message about the potential one can develop at UMSL.

“It’s a bigger, broader message about UMSL being more than expected, more than what some people think – having more opportunity and making us more accessible to people,” Moore said.

The awards validate the ingenuity and hard work of the creative services team, which strives to communicate the quality education, resources and values of the university through print, imagery, video and other media.

“Both of them show the creative ability and unique thought process of the UMSL marketing department as a whole, specifically the creative and web team,” Moore said. “It’s nice to be recognized for the work that has been coming out of our office and that is continuing to impact the community as they see our new branding take shape.”

Justin Roberts, associate vice chancellor for marketing and communications, shared that sentiment.

“It is always rewarding to see our creative works recognized at the national level,” Roberts said. “Our university is home to an outstanding marketing and communications team that is dedicated to elevating the collective work and impact of our university. This work and these outcomes are possible because of our strong connections and collaborations with our many campus units and colleagues.”

Wendy Todd

Wendy Todd