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Arch Apparel Founder Aaron Park Visits UMSL

By Taylor Rinehart

Before all of the issues involving COVID-19, Arch Apparel came to visit and talk about their story to the Marketing Club. The founder Aaron Park shared how he had a vision for St. Louis streetwear and made it become a reality with Arch Apparel. It all started with their signature circle tee.

His vision was something that could bring St. Louisians together with clothing. Park mentioned that when he was out one night he noticed everyone wearing gaudy sports shirts. He decided to make a t-shirt that was stylish, but simple. This is what kicked off his new business. First, he made one for himself and everyone asked about where he got it. Then, he started to sell them to a small group of people and eventually it grew into what it is today. Park opened a store in Brentwood and has another opening coming up soon.

Arch Apparel utilized Instagram to engage their audience and bring them along with their growth. With the Brentwood store opening they often did live streams of what was happening and how they were preparing the store for opening. If it was painting the floors or something else, they posted videos online to help customers feel like they were a part of the process. Sharing their process was something that made customers even more excited for the grand opening and helped create a large turn out during their grand opening.

They have had many successful clothing items in the St. Louis community, especially products related to the Stanley Cup, such as their Play Gloria or Finally shirts. Park continued to mention the concept of being in the right time at the right place and getting lucky. Being a home-town brand located in St. Louis, Arch Apparel is able to hop on trends and get them available for sale much quicker than large scale clothing companies are able to.

They have released so many trending items all while learning how to manage the business. Arch Apparel has continued to reinvest into STL with movements like “A Giveback Initiative” where they matched every dollar spent on their website and gave it to The Gateway Resiliance Fund. Overall, this helps the community and the business grow together.

However, there are also downfalls in the retail business which are happening right now. Due to COVID-19 every professional sport has been put on hold or pushed back for the season and stores have become virtual with online shopping or curbside pick-up. In unknown times like these, it is vital we support brands that have paved the way for St. Louis and have supported such great events in the past year. Follow Arch Apparel today to see how you can help!