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Defining Our Terms

Learn about the difference between sex & gender – “Do you know the difference between sex and gender? Queer 101- The Advocate.” Click here to watch the video. (4-min. video)

Defining LGBTQ It Takes Courage. Ever heard the abbreviation LGBTQQIAAP2S and wondered what those letters mean? This video helps explain the definition of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally, Pansexual, and Two Spirit to help make the world a more understanding and loving place. Click here to watch the video. (4-min. video)

The Genderbread Person- Breaking a complicated concept into bite-sized, digestible pieces. So, you want to better understand gender, or need help explaining it to someone else? The genderbread person (and all of the different evolutions of it, and ideas it evolved from) is a wonderful way to start an important conversation. Click here to learn more about this tool.

What Does LGBTQ+ Mean? Learn more about gender, sexuality, the history behind the LGBTQ+ movement, representation, and more. Click here to read more. (blog)

Learn inclusive and affirming terminology for LGBTQ communities. 

10 Ways to create a more inclusive campus for LGBTQ + Community
10 Ways to create a more inclusive campus for LGBTQ + Community

DOWNLOAD: 10 Ways to create a more inclusive campus for LGBTQ + Community


Inclusive Practices

Pronouns Matter. Learn more about personal pronouns and why they matter, as well as how to use them respectfully, by clicking here. (webpage)

Safe Zone Training. The UMSL Safe Zone program serves to identify and train faculty, staff, and students who are sensitive and affirmative to the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex persons. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence of heterosexism and homophobia on our campus, and thereby promote a campus that is a safer and freer place for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. You can access this training by clicking here. (training)

Learn respectful terminology for LGBTQ communities. Click here to read more. (PDF)

Visit the Trevor Project. Learn more about LGBTQ+ individuals, the issues they face, and how you can help them create a more inclusive world by clicking here. (organization)

Transgender Care at Planned Parenthood. TRANSforming Community, TRANSforming Care is designed by and for the trans and non-binary community and extends gender affirming care to all Planned Parenthood locations in the St. Louis area, Springfield, and Joplin areas. Click here to learn more. (webpage with additional resources and inclusive practices)

Issues & Voices from Lived Experiences

Harry’s Rainbow Talks!   Harry Hawkins interviews LGBTQ leaders, allies, and community members. Click here to watch the interviews! (videos)

CBS News story—”The difference between sexual orientation and gender identity”. Learn about the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. Click here to watch the film. (31-min. documentary, with additional shorter clips throughout webpage)

Learn about LGBTQ representation in the media. Click here to read more. (blog)