Race and Ethnicity

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The Power of an Illusion (Part 1: The Difference Between Us). This clip shows that despite what we’ve always believed, the world’s peoples simply don’t come bundled into distinct biological groups. We begin by following a dozen students, including Black athletes and Asian string players, who sequence and compare their own DNA to see who is more genetically similar. The results surprise the students and the viewer, when they discover their closest genetic matches are as likely to be with people from other “races” as their own. (video)

The Power of an Illusion (Part 2: The Story We Tell). It’s true that race has always been with us, right? Wrong. Ancient peoples stigmatized “others” on the grounds of language, custom, class, and especially religion, but they did not sort people according to physical differences. It turns out that the concept of race is a recent invention, only a few hundred years old, and the history and evolution of the idea are deeply tied to the development of the U.S. (video)

Storied about mixed race. A list of articles and podcasts about mixed racial identities and stories from NPR’s Code Switch (articles, podcasts)

5-Minute Film Festival: Talking About Race and Stereotypes  The most important conversations are often also the most difficult to have! Learn how to start a constructive dialogue about race in your classroom with these tips and tricks. (website, video playlist)

5 Things everyone should know about racism (MTV|Decoded).