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Grace Hopper Conference – The Impact has Already Begun!

September 22, 2018

The wait is over, just few more days and we all would be at the conference interacting with all those companies and the speakers. The amount of motivation and opportunities that is going to open up has already got me all excited. This is my first time at the Grace Hopper Conference and it has… Read More ›

Plans for GHC 2018

As a first-timer to the Grace Hopper Celebration, I anticipate to learn more in many tracks. One of the tracks I am looking forward to is the Career track. Some of the sessions in this track expand on “5 Tips to Help You Succeed”, “Bringing the ‘Personal’ back to Branding”, and “Having it all with… Read More ›

Grace Hopper 2018

One of the top reasons I want to attend the Grace Hopper Conference this year is for the networking opportunities. Networking is extremely important in building my personal brand and exploring career possibilities. I will be able to learn more about the topic that I am interested in and learn about new areas as well.

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We are just about to begin our Crowd Funding phase for our trip to Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.  Stay tuned for information about the CrowdFunding, an introduction to the students who will attend this year and, of course details of the conference.   So, look for our new hashtag, #UMSL2GHC18


Have you ever thought of providing a snack for over 19,000 people?  Just keep bringing trays of food!

Confirmed: GHC17 to be in Orlando, Florida

Next years’ Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing promises more track sessions and housing within 3 miles of the event venue, according to sources close to the organization administrators.To view the official GHC website announcement click here

My feet hurt!

Day 1 of the actual Convention??? One word: Awesome!!! I talked to so many people and so many companies… walked and talked for Hours! Opportunities are on the horizon!

Progressive Web Apps

Day 2 will be just as busy as yesturday, and as electrifying.  My first session today will be ‘Pre-chopped onions’ Approach to building Progressive Web Apps where the speaker is Margaret McKearny (Google). We are expected to discuss Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).  The speaker will cover what they, how they are used, and ways to integrate… Read More ›

The Marathon Pitch

If UMSL hosts a career fair for IT. Grace Hopper hosts the North American Economic Market of careers. It was like a five hour marathon of doing the elevator pitch but there was also alot of cool things to do. Over at IBM I learned even more about some of the cool things Watson is… Read More ›

Latanya Sweeney keynote was awesome

The keynote by Latanya Sweeney was awesome. She spoke about how data science is saving the world. Back in the day she did an experiment about medical datasets that were anonymous with just zip codes and bithdate and gender. By comparing it to voter records she could pinpoint the govenor of Massachusettes. Now we have… Read More ›